Starting a PLN has been quite a juggling act for me. After reading through Jeff’s post on the Stages of PLN Adoption several times, I feel like I have started at Stage 5: Balance—as described in the first line, “Try and find that balance between learning and living.” Only I am trying to find the balance between finding the time to incorporate new learning activities into my already crazy living so that I can enter Stage 1! I have many interesting RSS feeds on my NetVibes page, but I am still working out how to mange reading them regularly. I have only read a few, and I end up on these tangents because there is so much I don’t know: What’s a ‘whitepaper’ or an ‘open source’? I think the biggest challenges for me as I embark on this coursework are going to be managing my time and staying focused on what I want or need to know right now, rather than what is interesting, but can wait until another time.