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Yikes! After reading the different articles on understanding copyright, I am more lost than ever. I thought I was doing a decent job of getting my students to cite their sources. We have been using EasyBib, and basically the students would go through and enter as much of the information as they could find. We used this for all media types. When the students used images from the Internet, we would check to see if they were copyrighted before they included it in their presentations. Admittedly, there were times were we really weren’t sure.

Reading about Creative Commons has been a revelation. I didn’t realize that such a thing existed. The next time we search for images my students will be able to find and use images that they can be confident they are following the proper usage guidelines.

I did find the wording on the actual Creative Commons website to be very confusing, but the information on the attribution license is thankfully very easy to understand. Hmm…I don’t know though if I should have cited this screen shot that I have taken, and how does one cite a screen shot? This led me to another question. When I am using my personal images, do I cite them? Should I be getting a Creative Commons license for them? Is this typically only done for images on Flickr? See I am more confused than ever.

I plan to keep exploring this topic because it is particularly important for my students to be aware of copyright compliance. Next year will be the second year with our 1:1 program, and as we become more confident in the use of the laptops, we are creating more and more work, which we intend to share either in blogs, podcasts, or Vimeo. I want to start next year with some workshops on copyright, Creative Commons, and attribution with my students. I have bookmarked Wesley Fryer’s weblog Moving at the speed of Creativity. He has scads of links on copyright and fair usage that I hope to read through over the summer.