The AUP at my school was just updated for the start of this school year with our move to 1:1 laptops. It was a good document to start out with. The changes my partner and I made focused on editing for redundancy and clarity, and a bit on formatting. Keeping in mind that we would like our revisions to be considered, even though it will not be in the school’s plan to look at revisions yet, we did not omit anything, except in the case of redundancy, though there were a couple of areas we thought may not be totally necessary, such as the breakdown of email responsibilities.

The original AUP was for grades 3-8. As we looked through the document, it was clear that the topics covered really pertained to the 1:1 laptop program, which the 3rd and 4th grade students are not part of. So our first suggestion is to move to a K-4 and a 5-8 AUP to better fit the student’s computer/technology use.

As we reviewed our document, we made notes about what we thought was missing, needed to be made more clear, or should be taken out based on the work we have done over the last couple of months in the COETAIL courses, as well as the experiences we have had with the program in our school this year. Next we reviewed other school’s examples of AUP, (International School of Bangkok, the American School of Dubai, and Jakarta International School), this helped us get ideas for what, additionally, we may have missed.

Thinking back to presenting this document to the Middle School students at the beginning of the year, I remember the tortured look in their eyes. Some of that can’t be avoided, but we did make a decision to take all of the “I will” statements out of each line item and consolidate them into one at the beginning of each section. Also some of the line items were rather long, so wherever we could we broke them into two items. This makes the document longer over all, but I think this will help put the focus on the information.

Wherever we could we changed the wording to try to be friendlier to the students age group and to add clarity. For example our original document stated:

3. Respect and protect the intellectual property of others

  1. I will respect and obey international copyright laws and not participate in the making of illegal copies of music, games, movies, or written work belonging to others.
  2. I will cite the sources I use.

The revised document states:

3. Respect and protect the intellectual property of others

I will

  1. Use only legally obtained software.
  2. Not participate in the making of illegal copies of music, games, movies, software, or written work.
  3. Cite sources used including: information, music, videos and images.


Our plan for sharing this document is to present it to our administrator and tech coordinator at the beginning of next school year (We get out of school this Wednesday, so no one will have time now). Hopefully we will be able to then take it to the staff for possible adoption.

Whether or not any of our ideas get considered, I have already realized we need a better way to present this information to the students next year. We will have a new Tech teacher, so hopefully when we return, we will be given some time to work together to plan some more interesting, relevant ways to share this document with the students.

AUP 2011-2012Revision