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It is certainly hard to keep up with all the changes on the internet, let alone the software on your computer.  Forced out of my house with a fussy baby and having no Internet, I was “fiddling” around with Word 2011 on my Mac and have been impressed by some of the visuals you can easily make with Word.  For example I made this SmartArt Graphic rather easily and quickly:


Teaching grade 1, I know how important visuals are for stimulating my class and it is nice to see some of the things Word 2011 can actually do.  I have also was surprised to find out that I can easily place my videos into Word without too much fuss and hassle.  The movie will actually play on the document, although changing the video size was a hassle and no where near as convenient as Youtube when wanting to see it in full screen mode.

Another thing I like about Word 2011 is that it is easy to switch to Full Screen View.  There is a button in the lower left hand corner and you push that and it easily changes to the Full Screen View.

This is much better than what Google Docs currently offers, as if you want to go Full Screen on your Google Doc with your class when projecting something you have to click full screen in the document bar and then again in the web browser.And also like the black background on the side, it makes the document stand out better.

It has been nice to have a “time-out” from all the wonderful things happening online and to learn a little bit more about what is on my computer.  I give 2011 Word for Mac two thumbs up for providing some tools that are easy to use and look good visually.





One thought on “Word 2011: Take a look

  1. I often use PowerPoint to create really simple graphics. It seems super lame and it’s probably not the best use of the tool (or the best tool for the job), but I agree, it’s quick and easy.

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