My Personal Brand

Without a doubt, there are some educators and writers doing some amazing things with their personal brands online.  I recently saw Carl Anderson speak about Assessment in the Writing Workshop and was struck by his brand of “The Conferring Guy”, as conferring is a very integral part of assessment in The Writer’s Workshop.  When I think about the essence of my brand, I think about how my Twitter account and my Coetail blog states that I am an:

International School Educator in Japan interested in the various possibilities of how technology can be used to enhance student learning experiences.

This is the brand I want to be as I am an International School Educator aiming to stay in Japan for the duration of my teaching career.  I am also someone who is intrigued by how technology can be used to improve student learning.  I believe this is the essence of my brand, that is Japan as my “home base” and an international school educator interested in technologies wondrous possibilities in the classroom.

Dan Schawbel also suggests that one get a site to further establish your brand, and that is something I am interested in and will look into.  I know fellow Coetail Cohort Mitchell Norris has his own site and I have been impressed with how “Mister Norris” represents him on his website, as well as with his twitter account.

I do feel like I reflect my personal brand on both my blog site as well as my twitter account.  My blog completely deals with technology and education so I feel this is the best place for me to see my “brand” in action.  With regards to my twitter account, when I send out tweets they are usually related to the field of education and I typically interact with fellow educators who are interested in how best to use technology in the classroom and we discuss “edtech” related issues.  I do think I could do a better job of reflecting my brand on twitter by making more of my tweets have technology related issues in them.  I recently opened a personal twitter account (@BigBullio) to allow me the space to follow people and interact with people who have similar sports related interests as myself.  This was done to preserve my @DBullio account’s personal brand.

I have also created a class twitter account for my grade one class, and that has been a pretty successful endorsement for one way how I am using technology in the classroom.  Kids have recently tweeted their questions for our new unit of inquiry, hope to get some responses from parents/other classes after the winter break!