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Chris Lehmann on “School 2.0″

Okay so this video is a little old but well worth watching if you have not seen it. I’d like to do an “Ignite Delhi”!  

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Don’t be afraid to fail

A favorite speaker of mine, Tony Campolo, talked once about a study done of old people. The researcher asked of these octogenarians, “If you had to do life over again, what would you change?” They responded with three things: a. … Continue reading

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Geeking out has value!

Wow, what a redeeming thing to read. Geeking out is actually a good thing! Geeks around the world will love to know that modern scientific research has proven that they need to be spending more time hanging out, messing around, … Continue reading

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What are your hopes and expectations for the course with at least one reflection from the assigned readings from class.

My hope for this course is that I can begin being a thought leader in this field. I am ready to stop following and start leading more. I am not a big fan of the Christiansen article. I have read … Continue reading

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Where is your comfort level when it comes to educational technology and information literacy?

I have a high level of comfort with educational technology. It is loads of fun for me and very professionally satisfying to work with people around educational technology. As the Director of Technology for the American Embassy School, my world … Continue reading

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