Course 2 Final Project: Thou Shalt and Shalt Nots

The Right Thing / The Wrong Thing

The Right Thing / The Wrong Thing

I enjoyed looking at a variety of Acceptance User Policies from various schools around the world. It gave me some good ideas of things I wanted to include in my AUP and helped me appreciate the work my school has done on our policy.

My school in broken into four divisions: PK-2 grd, 3-5 grd, 6-8 grd, and 9-12 grd. We are a 1:1 school in grades 5-12. There are currently three AUPs: PK – 4, 5 – 8, and 9 – 12. Students in my division (3-5) have access to: laptops, ipods, Smartboards, kindels, digital cameras and ipads.

One of the things I first wanted to do was create a 4th AUP for grades 3 and 4 specifically. I didn’t feel they should be clumped in with the lower primary students, but they aren’t 1:1 like our 5th graders.

I used my schools current AUP as a foundation. They created it last year for the 1:1 roll out. One thing that I kept was the “I will,” format. I looked at a couple of schools’ policies and they felt too heavy for kids laid out in the “I’ won’t,” style.

Another thing I felt was important was an expectation for bringing your own device. Even though our school has the students purchase their laptop in fifth grade and in grades 3 and 4 we are 2:1 with laptops, quite a few students in my class have their own ipods, ipads and Kindels. I feel that there is an opportunity to allow students to use these devices within the classroom that’s being missed.

I have also changed the format of delivery to the students. I have kept it the AUP only 10 expectations long. It’s short and manageable for this age. At the end of each expectation the student and parent must sign their initials. I hope this slows down the student and parent to actually go over what they’re initialing one by one.

After completing the AUP the students must take and pass a quiz covering the 10 expectations. The quiz is created by the students themselves. They get into groups of 2 – 3 and create a good example and a bad example of each expectation (see the sample below that my current class created). The teacher goes through the samples and builds a quiz hitting each expectation. Students must pass the quiz with a 100%. They can use the AUP for assistance. Students that don’t pass must retake the quiz until they do.

I feel that besides a classroom poster stating the expectations, the teacher needs to review the AUP periodically. Students can even make the posters for the room and create skits about each standard.

Thanks to those that helped me with this project and the schools that made their AUPs public.

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2 thoughts on “Course 2 Final Project: Thou Shalt and Shalt Nots

  1. Great AUP, Joe! I love the spaces after each expectation for student and parent initials. The quiz at the end is such a great idea! These are ideas worth stealing (with appropriate attribution, of course). :)

  2. Great idea for the quiz at the end. I did something similar (scavenger hunt) with our student handbook this year to avoid the dry review of the material. Thanks for the reminder that keeping students involved hopefully means they will remember and observe the guidelines in the AUP.

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