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Student Empowerment through Technology

Redefinition: the technology allows for the creation of new tasks, inconceivable without the computer. Ruben R. Puentedura – Transformation, Technology and Education. Redefinition: Grade 12 English ‘Skype-a-creator’ project: (related posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Without video conferencing technology, we … Continue reading

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A Grade 6 Workspace

The more I meet with my Grade 5 colleagues, the more I learn from them. Our school’s Elementary team are passionate and innovative. They have the advantage of teaching and learning with their students every day, and reflecting upon this … Continue reading

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Laptop Learning Curve

The other day I discussed this year’s extraordinary changes to teaching and learning with a colleague. After listening to a burbling, enthusiastic avalanche of my responses, she grinned and said, “it’s been quite a learning curve, hasn’t it.” Indeed. When … Continue reading

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The Directors

    Think back to what you remember learning at school or university. What forms the most powerful memories? Was it a particular lesson, or a particular project? Project-based learning The focus of project-based learning is primarily on the students’ … Continue reading

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The Course Ends, The Project Starts…

…and my Grade 10 students are soon to become digital storytellers! After generating an idea for their project in Poetic Digital Tales, I’ve been working on the concepts behind the three week unit. I already had the goal and ultimate … Continue reading

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Bookworms and Bookaholics

I’m proud of my Grade 6 classes. After the launch of the year-long book review podcast project, dubbed ‘Book Broadcasting’, they have achieved a great deal. The students happily created their own podcasting names: one class are ‘Bookworms’, the other … Continue reading

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To Be Continued…

Just how many educators start their teaching career with tech training? How many would happily describe themselves as “geek” or “techie” from the outset? These are my thoughts at the end of a packed first COETAIL course. Perhaps more accurately, … Continue reading

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