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Skype-a-creator: Movies

I bring you (drum roll…) not one, but three Skype-a-creator movies! The final video below is my personal presentation. It includes excerpts from the students’ videos and offers an overview of the project (although you are welcome to check out … Continue reading

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Student Empowerment through Technology

Redefinition: the technology allows for the creation of new tasks, inconceivable without the computer. Ruben R. Puentedura – Transformation, Technology and Education. Redefinition: Grade 12 English ‘Skype-a-creator’ project: (related posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Without video conferencing technology, we … Continue reading

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Skype-a-creator: Part I

It’s last period on a sweltering Tuesday afternoon in Japan. Outside cicadas screech and distant ship foghorns sound from the port. Several of my Grade 12 students need matchsticks to prop open drooping eyes. There is a world moving rapidly … Continue reading

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Every Teacher is a Technology Teacher

  “Every teacher is a language teacher” is a commonly heard school philosophy. Do we also believe that “Every teacher is a technology teacher”? This seems especially important when considered in relation to the High School, where the demands of … Continue reading

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Podcast Potential

  This week has been a buzz of activity in my English classroom. So what’s all the fuss about? The Grade 6 students are getting excited about books. Yes, you heard correctly  – excited about books! The page turning, weighty … Continue reading

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