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Conversing with a Cartoonist

Making Contact Just after one creator responded to my Grade 12 students’ request for a Skype call, another also made contact. The gentleman in question was Mr Roger Dahl, a cartoonist who regularly draws for the weekly cartoon strip in … Continue reading

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The Remix

When I was younger, I saw breakdancing for the first time on T.V. I remember moments later enthusiastically spinning on the floor and crashing into furniture. Some things are just irresistible. I took the moves I (thought) I could do … Continue reading

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Online Abuse: Don’t Blame The Technology, Use It

This week, after reading Danah Boyd’s article, “Bullying” Has Little Resonance with Teenagers, I asked my Grade 12 homeroom for their interpretation of “cyber-bullying”. Their reaction was immediate and unanimous: “It doesn’t exist.” So, there’s no name-calling or hurtful remarks … Continue reading

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Adventures in Diigoland

 Image courtesy of Clipart ETC. Licence details here. I believe that the hardest aspect of the new 1:1 laptop programme at my school so far has been working with old plans* alongside new technology. However, there is one exception: the … Continue reading

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The Distracted Explorer

I’ve been doing my own ‘messing around’ lately. In fact, I’m getting slightly cross-eyed with my multiple tabs, bookmarks, links, tweets, emails, skimmed articles and impulsive screen shots. However, rather than ranting about the perilously distracting nature of the internet, … Continue reading

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Language and New Media

The white paper Living and Learning with New Media shares its findings from case studies and stories of youth interacting with social and specialist media. Throughout the paper I found not only the stories but also the comments on language … Continue reading

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