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Fine-tuning: Oral Exam Feedback using SoundCloud

Recently in my Language and Literature class I trialed using SoundCloud, a platform for online music and auditory file-sharing. The specific focus: the IBDP Individual Oral Commentary. However, this tool could be useful for any language oral examination practice and feedback, … Continue reading

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Skype-a-creator: Movies

I bring you (drum roll…) not one, but three Skype-a-creator movies! The final video below is my personal presentation. It includes excerpts from the students’ videos and offers an overview of the project (although you are welcome to check out … Continue reading

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Student Empowerment through Technology

Redefinition: the technology allows for the creation of new tasks, inconceivable without the computer. Ruben R. Puentedura – Transformation, Technology and Education. Redefinition: Grade 12 English ‘Skype-a-creator’ project: (related posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Without video conferencing technology, we … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Tim Piper

I’m proud of my Grade 12 Language and Literature class. They recently conducted a superb second Skype call, conversing with art director and writer Tim Piper. To read about the project right from the start, see my ‘Skype-a-creator’ blog posts … Continue reading

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Conversing with a Cartoonist

Making Contact Just after one creator responded to my Grade 12 students’ request for a Skype call, another also made contact. The gentleman in question was Mr Roger Dahl, a cartoonist who regularly draws for the weekly cartoon strip in … Continue reading

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Connecting the Classroom to an Expert Creator

Last year, my Grade 12 IBDP Language and Literature students explored the use and challenging of stereotypes in the media. They focused particularly on advertising; a powerful commercial that they studied was Dove Evolution. This influential film was co-directed and … Continue reading

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Skype-a-creator: Part II

The morning after my Skype-a-creator proposal to my Grade 12 students dawned, and the class arrived, already engrossed in discussion. They moved between tables and finalised their decisions. They also requested three options for the voting. Then, we had a … Continue reading

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Skype-a-creator: Part I

It’s last period on a sweltering Tuesday afternoon in Japan. Outside cicadas screech and distant ship foghorns sound from the port. Several of my Grade 12 students need matchsticks to prop open drooping eyes. There is a world moving rapidly … Continue reading

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A Grade 6 Workspace

The more I meet with my Grade 5 colleagues, the more I learn from them. Our school’s Elementary team are passionate and innovative. They have the advantage of teaching and learning with their students every day, and reflecting upon this … Continue reading

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Laptop Learning Curve

The other day I discussed this year’s extraordinary changes to teaching and learning with a colleague. After listening to a burbling, enthusiastic avalanche of my responses, she grinned and said, “it’s been quite a learning curve, hasn’t it.” Indeed. When … Continue reading

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