A Grade 6 Workspace

The more I meet with my Grade 5 colleagues, the more I learn from them. Our school’s Elementary team are passionate and innovative. They have the advantage of teaching and learning with their students every day, and reflecting upon this it seems easier to create a shared space through a blog with one class.

I’ve gradually become aware of the limitations of my school blog for Grade 6. While it is a great place to initiate online discussion, share links, show students’ work and post tasks, it is ever changing, rather than static, and also used by my High School students. I believe that Grade 6 would benefit from a separate, single place which they can contribute to, and as a central spot for all their units and resources. It has the further advantage of turning a unit into a global collaborative project.

My final project for Course 4 is in its planning stages now, but will be launched and updated over the next academic year. I’m excited to work with my Grade 6 colleague to develop the wiki*, and for next year’s Grade 6 cohort’s ability to participate and contribute to teaching and learning in English. The plan is at the start of this post.

If you are thinking of starting up a wiki for your class, the following might be of some use:

Using Wikis to Promote Student Collaboration (useful links at the end of the post)

Wikispaces vs. PBWorks - Classroom 2.0 forum

*We will make a collective decision as to whether we use PBWorks or WikiSpaces.

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  1. I’m excited to see how this goes. The transition between grade 5 and grade 6 is small in terms of physical space, but huge in terms of expectations and learning styles. I hope this works well for next year’s group and I’ll be peeking in periodically.

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