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The Course Ends, The Project Starts…

…and my Grade 10 students are soon to become digital storytellers! After generating an idea for their project in Poetic Digital Tales, I’ve been working on the concepts behind the three week unit. I already had the goal and ultimate … Continue reading

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The Remix

When I was younger, I saw breakdancing for the first time on T.V. I remember moments later enthusiastically spinning on the floor and crashing into furniture. Some things are just irresistible. I took the moves I (thought) I could do … Continue reading

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Infographics: Defining, Using, Analysing

Satirical definition Boring definition Infographic = information graphic Information = facts / factual / data Graphic = visual representation Visual definition: An Infographic of Infographics When I first heard the term ‘infographic’ I thought along these kinds of lines: Mathematics: … Continue reading

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