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Online Abuse: Don’t Blame The Technology, Use It

This week, after reading Danah Boyd’s article, “Bullying” Has Little Resonance with Teenagers, I asked my Grade 12 homeroom for their interpretation of “cyber-bullying”. Their reaction was immediate and unanimous: “It doesn’t exist.” So, there’s no name-calling or hurtful remarks … Continue reading

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Book Broadcasting

The Script This week was the ‘Book Broadcasting’ project launch in my two Grade 6 English classes. Prior to their podcast introduction the students finished reading their Sakura Medal book and completed a podcast ‘script’ – support framework that I … Continue reading

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Reading the Fine Print

I am a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a thirty-something, a social person, a private person, a Gemini. When filling out forms I indicate my profession, my gender, my nationality. When introducing myself on courses I’m the ‘mainly High School … Continue reading

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Reap What You Document

I’m currently reading an incredible book by Jane McGonigal, entitled ‘Reality is Broken‘. Her persuasive, passionate argument, that ‘games make us better’ not only encourages collaborative engagement in online and offline games, but also highlights the positive digital footprints of … Continue reading

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