The Power of Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are a quick and easy way for you to direct readers to another web page where they can learn more about the thing you are linking. For example, my own personal use of the internet is divided between work and home.

At work i’m often using sites like reading a-z to print out benchmark books to do running records with. I’m logging my students onto Starfall so they can practice their phonics during free choice time. I’m constantly checking email. I might be on the virtual vine looking for bulletin board ideas.

At both school and work i’m constantly using google to find articles or videos to support what my students are learning. I like to log into grooveshark and listen to music. I use facebook to keep up with friends. I use google reader to keep up with COETAIL reading.

The 13 hyperlinks in this blog post connect the reader to a wealth of information about each of the web sites I mentioned. And saves me the trouble of trying to describe the web site and it’s contents.

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