Changing the Learning Landscape of Global Education

The Flat Classroom® Project is all about joining classrooms all over the world. It “lowers the walls” and allows collaborative learning with other classrooms around the world. It is primarily designed for middle and high school classrooms, but classrooms all the way down to kindergarten can get involved. “The concept of a ‘flat classroom’ is based on the constructivist principle of a multi-modal learning environment that is student-centered and a level playing field for teacher to student and student to teacher interaction.”

The Flat Classroom K-2 level project is called Building Bridges to Tomorrow.

Right now teachers are connecting via the K-2 group on our Flat Classrooms Ring, and the project wiki has just been setup. Classrooms are being grouped into 3’s or 4’s as sub-groups of the project and given one of these themes to work with:

  • How We Play,
  • Celebrating Together,
  • Going to School,
  • Part of a Family,
  • Making a Meal,
  • Sharing Stories,
  • The View from the Window

The aim in this project is also to encourage students in different places to collaborate, not just communicate, and to enhance understanding of cultures and life styles beyond the immediate environment.

I remember back in 2nd grade my class was able to write letters to kids in another school. We all thought it was very exciting and it made us much more excited about writing and making our writing look its best. It was a strategy our teacher instituted to get us more excited about writing. (Well played Ms. Moore, well played). We wrote letters and received replies a couple of weeks later. We only wrote 2 letters, but it stuck with me. Now I imagine the excitement my own kindergarten class would experience about videotaping the reenacting of one of our favorite stories to share with a classroom; or teaching another class how to make Taiwanese dumplings. Then later, watching a video made for us from that same class. I think it would be an fantastic experience for my students, and I’m looking forward to providing this opportunity to my new students in the Fall.


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