Kristi Lonheim

Kristi Lonheim
Kristi supports the AIS-R Cohort

Kristi Lonheim is an international educator who wants to see technology used to enhance the learning environment without necessarily prescribing what that looks like to a class, collectively. She prefers to allow learners (both children and adults) to find ways that work for them collaborating as they discover. Piloting 1:1 programs on both iPads and laptops in middle school and elementary has given her a vast range of experience. Technology is a tool and she sees her job as an educator to equip her students with the ability to use the right tool for the task at hand. Sometimes that tool is still a pencil. Kristi’s thoughts, on a wide range of topics, can be found at I’m Writing Too and in 140 characters or less from @lonheim.

Tara Waudby

Tara supports
the AIS-R Cohort

Passionate about innovation in education, Tara is committed to increasing meaning and relevance in schools. Tara began her teaching career in Phoenix, Arizona before moving into international education.  Currently in Saudi Arabia, she previously taught for five years in Taiwan, ten years in Kuwait and spent her childhood in Sweden. Tara has served in numerous roles including assistant superintendent for learning, high school principal, assistant principal, professional development coordinator, ESL coordinator and a teacher of special education, ESL and secondary English. She holds an MA in Educational Leadership, an MFA in Poetry, and a graduate certificate in educational technology.  Her research interests include building collaborative cultures, digital literacy, mission-driven schooling and systems development.  Currently, she volunteers for ISTE as the Chair Elect of the Digital Storytelling Network, COETAIL as a learning coach, and NESA as a member of the Professional Development Advisory Committee.  Through her blog consider another truth, she explores the gray matter of education.    

Diana Beabout

Supports the Online4 Cohort

Diana is an international educator with over 20 years experience as both a teacher and mentor in the United States, Japan and China and believes that although our institutions are evolving in the 21st century, teachers will continue to play a critical role in student mentorship and facilitation of learning. Diana has a Masters in Education, an endorsement in Linguistically Diverse (EAL) and is a graduate of the COETAIL program. Currently, she is in her second year as a Learning Innovation coach at Shekou International School in China and provides practical support to teachers in transforming their practice through the use of technology.

Although her main professional focus is facilitating the learning and growth of educators and students, Diana is a self-professed life long learner and appreciates any opportunity to enhance her own understanding and experience. Her participation in the the COETAIL program (2012-2013 Online Cohort) sparked a new, excited interest in the impact of technology on education which led to new opportunities for her in professional sharing and support at SIS and beyond. Her blog at Digital Journeys documents her learning through the COETAIL course and she continues to cultivate her presence on Twitter @dianabeabout. She also contributes to the SIS Learning Innovation blog and is developing her Tech Zen blog as a professional learning resource for teachers. Diana facilitates professional learning sessions on a variety of topics including assessment, digital portfolios, digital storytelling, and teacher and student blogs.

Jason Graham

Jason supports the Online6 Cohort

Jason Graham is an international educator with over 17 years experience. He is currently the Learning Technologies Coordinator at an international school in Indonesia. Jason is an IBPYP Workshop Leader and an IB Online Lead Facilitator and has a keen interest in connecting and collaborating with educators from around the globe. Jason enjoys presenting at conferences and learning from others whenever he can. He is in his second year of a Doctor of Education programme at an Australian University.

Furthermore, Jason is the moderator two twitter chats, #pypchat mainly for PYP educators and also #satchatoc, a twitter chat for educational leaders. He also enjoys using technology to enhance student learning and is now dabbling in Design Thinking. Jason’s work can be found in many online spaces. He blogs at The Learning Journey and tweets from @jasongraham99.

Lissa Layman

Lissa supports in any way she can
Lissa Layman is a chemist turned teacher. In a surprise turn of events, she has actually enjoyed the daily challenge and adventure education brings. After 3 years teaching French in South Carolina, Lissa & her husband’s desire to experience different cultures led them to international teaching. Lissa is an Instructional Coach (Tech Integration) in Kuwait, a Critical Friends Group Coach, a Google for Education Certified TrainerCOETAIL graduate and has an M.Ed. in School Technology Leadership. During her time in education she has discovered a passion for inquiry-based education, global collaboration and teaching teachers. Professionally, she spends her time collaborating with colleagues to develop an instructional coaching culture, planning for and meaningfully implementing learning with technology, and seeking out her next learning opportunity. Lissa occasionally blogs at Te(a)ch French.

Pana Asavavatana

Pana supports the Online4 Cohort

Pana is a true-blue third-culture kid. Thai-Chinese, American-born, she has studied, lived and worked on three continents in eight different cities. Pana currently works as the KA-2 Technology Integration Specialist at Taipei American School. Prior to this she taught in early childhood classrooms for seven years. As a COETAIL graduate with her heart still in early childhood, Pana is passionate about finding ways for our youngest learners to be creators, innovators, and to enhance their learning both with and without technology.

Pana shares her own insights on her blog, Ms. Pana Says, and is the founder of an educational hashtag chat on Twitter, #KChatAP (Kindergarten Chat Asia Pacific). She is the creator of the Traveling Teddy Project, and you can follow the bears as they travel around the world at #GlobalEdTed. Pana is an Apple Distinguished Educator, holds a B.A. in Psychology, and a M.A. in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She is currently working on her second master’s in Computing in Education. Pana tweets from @PanaAsavavatana.

Wendy Markert

Wendy Markert
Wendy supports the Online4 Cohort

Wendy Markert is an international educator who has just repatriated and returned to the US. She has a B.S. and M.S. in Systems Engineering, an M.Ed. in Secondary Education (Mathematics), an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction (specializing in ESL), and has just started her Ph.D. program in School Technology Leadership. She has been teaching math for over 17 years in the US, Germany, and Malaysia, at all levels from Grade 6 through university. She has been flipping her mathematics classes for four years and has now partnered with UT-Austin’s OnRamps program to bring a flipped dual-enrollment Statistics course to her current school. She is a COETAIL graduate and is excited to join the team of COETAIL Coaches.

Liz Cho

Liz is here to support you any way she can

Liz Cho is a bilingual Korean-American from DC, the youngest of four, and an educator since 2004 and is currently the Director of Curriculum at Gyeonggi Suwon International School. Before that, she was a high school English teacher for 12 years and a leader in various positions, passionate about inspiring students and teachers to care, empower, and engage meaningfully with the world around them. She is an avid believer in the importance of genuine reflection for growth and is fully dedicated to breaking the misconception that “reflection is boring”. Taking the COETAIL course has empowered her to become confident with technology integration in her lessons and presentations. With the constant support of her colleagues and students, Liz finds success in learning alongside them. She also loves to silk, hoop and kickbox whenever she finds the time.

Links to her full professional bio and blogs can be found on and she tweets as @cho_liz.

Nicki Hambleton

Nicki is here to support you any way she can

Nicki has been an International teacher for 10 years working in Italy, West Africa and Singapore, leaving the cold and wet of England where she worked for 14 years teaching and leading 3 departments. She is a teacher of Visual Art and Head of Grade 7 at UWCSEA Singapore and has presented at Learning 2 Asia, the Apple ADE Institute 2015 and runs workshops to individuals and schools on Visual Notetaking. She is an advocate of amalgamating Technology and Art authentically in the classroom and passionate about visual and visible thinking. She is a graduate of the COETAIL online2 cohort and you can read her blog on embedding technology into the classroom at and view her visual notes on Flickr:
She is currently working on embedding gamification within the curriculum and developing an integrated approach to wellbeing and positive education with Middle School students. She is a self confessed chocoholic, mother of 2 mad boys, 2 even madder cats and a married to a football fanatical husband. You can connect to Nicki on Twitter @itsallaboutart

35 thoughts on “COETAIL Coaches

  1. Profile photo of Rab Paterson

    Hi there,

    I am one of the new Online 2 Cohort and was adding your blogs into my Feedly and some of your blogs came up with an offer to add the comment stream and some didn’t. I’m running Feedly Pro on Safari on a Mountain Lion Mac. Also I tried the Digg Reader that Kim Cofino demo’ed on a video screencast tutorial and she said you can subscribe to the comments stream but on my screen the option never came up on Digg Reader. Any suggestions / advice?



    1. Profile photo of Jeff Utecht

      Might depend on the theme the person is using as well. Not all themes have a comments feed built in. This one should though. Not sure why it’s not coming up.

  2. Profile photo of Rab Paterson

    Yeah – this one works – just tested it. The comments feed is very, very useful – wonder why it’s not on all templates as something that can be chosen by the blogger?

  3. Profile photo of Brent Fullerton

    Cool to see COETAIL Coaches plugin. Way cool.

  4. Profile photo of Christina

    I am in the process of starting my UbD project. I have not used this design before, but I am familiar with PYP planners, and there is some similarity in the design.
    My question is about the ‘code’ in the left column of the stage 2 and 3 sections. Is that meant to be ‘goal’? I have looked online at others’ projects, and ‘code’ never comes up.
    Clarification please! :-)

    1. Profile photo of Vivian

      Hi Christina @chris74

      I’m sorry for the late reply. I just saw this now.

      Did you get your answer? I do not recall “code” as a column in UbD. Do you have a webpage so I can see what you are looking at?


    2. Profile photo of Vivian

      Hi Christina @chris74

      I found this weblink: link to

      In the document is the following quote, which refers to the Codes “T, M, A”:

      “In Stage 3 of backward design, teachers
      plan the most appropriate lessons and
      learning activities to address the three
      different types of goals identified in
      Stage 1: transfer, meaning making, and
      acquisition (T, M, and A). We suggest
      that teachers code the various events
      in their learning plan with the letters T,
      M, and A to ensure that all three goals
      are addressed in instruction.”

      This is the first time I’ve run across this. So, maybe it’s not an entirely common practice.

      Hope this helps!


  5. Profile photo of Simone Santos

    Guys, I forgot how to embed a word document to my post, where could I find this info?

    1. Profile photo of Vivian

      The way I did it is that I made a Google Document in Google Drive. When you are finished your document, go to “Publish to the Web”. You’ll be given a choice to publish to the web via “link” or “embed”. If you want to embed, then pick embed and it should give you the html code. Copy and paste that into the html tab of your dashboard for your blog. You might have to fiddle with the numbers to get the width and length of the embed the way you want it to look.

  6. Profile photo of Shary Lyssy Marshall

    Hi Simone,

    Have you tried one of the plug-ins for this? You could also upload it like a photo (I just tried it and it works as a link) or take a screen shot of it and embed that.

    Hope this helps! Please let us know how it goes!

    Best Wishes,

  7. Profile photo of Art Schultz

    I am working on my Course 5 Final Project… but my idea is a bit different. I work with teachers, and not as much students, so my plan was to re-develop next year’s new faculty orientation.
    As I am not going to have it finished (or even have new teachers go through it) before the deadline for my cohort, what should I look to do for work samples, feedback, etc?
    I was looking to interview administrators, I have posted a Google Form survey that I am doing with current teachers… I feel a bit lost, and I don’t want to miss the mark completely…
    I am happy to post another post following the new faculty orientation… but again that does not meet the deadline.

    1. Profile photo of Jeff Utecht

      Hi Art,

      Interviews with administrators or with faculty as they look at the new faculty orientation information that you create would be good. Think of the staff as your students in this case. So we need to see evidence that this is “transformational” in the orientation process compared to what your school had before. Survey results from faculty that came in last year and how you implemented that into the learning would be good. I would make sure to highlight parts of the faculty orientation program that you feel are revolutionary and take advantage of the connected nature of the Internet.

      I do think you could do some pretty innovative stuff with faculty orientation programs and how you connect new teachers into the fold of the school quickly and successfully. Hope that helps a bit.

  8. Profile photo of Shary Lyssy Marshall

    Hi Art,

    Jeff’s given some great suggestions above. I also work much more with teachers than students and needed to tweak the final project to match my role.

    Email me if you’d like to talk through it in further detail or if you’d like more specific feedback as you are working on it. I’d be happy to help.

    Best wishes,

  9. Profile photo of Viviane

    Hi Coaches!
    Could you help me?
    When I was completing my COETAIL course in 2012, I must have posted my CV as a PDF via COETAIL. I really don’t remember, but my CV shows up now on any Google search and I really would like to have it removed.
    I went to my COETAIL blog and it is not there.
    This is the link:…/resume-viviane.van_.esch-yr20121.pdf

    Any ideas? Thanks Viviane

    1. Profile photo of Jeff Utecht


      Log into your blog and then go to the dashboard. In the menu on the left hand side click on Media. There you will find the media library that has all the things you uploaded. I have a feeling you’ll find your resume in there. You can delete it from there if you want and it should be gone. It will still show up for awhile in a google search but should disappear in a few days/weeks.

      Hope that helps!

  10. Profile photo of Trina Roth

    I’m trying to finalize my registration for Cohort 5 and am still awaiting an e-mail with my registration information and a request to pay the final $500. When should I expect that e-mail (I’m already doing the pre-cohort training so am anxious to continue it knowing I am registered). Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. Profile photo of Vivian

      Hi Trina @troth

      I’m sorry as I only saw this now. Have you got your answer yet? I am assuming that you’ve emailed info@coetail-admin already. I wouldn’t worry too much if it takes a bit of time before you hear a response, as it is summer holidays. I’m quite sure you’re in the program. I see that I can tag you in this reply, so you must be registered.

      If you haven’t gotten a response to your email yet, send another email. Someone will reply soon…


      1. Profile photo of Trina Roth


        All is good! Thank you for your reply.


  11. Profile photo of Trina Roth

    I just watched the video on how to set up my RSS reader. In the video, it says that our instructors have sent us a list of our fellow classmate’s blogs. Umm…when will this happen? Will we get them soon so we can add their blogs to our feeds? Insha’llah! :)

    1. Profile photo of Vivian

      Hi Trina @troth

      Hopefully you’ve got an answer by now. I don’t get a notification when someone posts on this webpage. I just come by here, by chance.

      To get a speedier reply for your questions, try asking in the Coetail G+ community where more people spend time ;) link to


  12. Pingback: Course 2 Week 1 – Welcome back! | COETAIL Online Cohort 5

  13. Profile photo of Tom Zuzulock


    I am trying to add a pull quote plugin to my site (Magazino Theme), but I don’t seem to have that ability. Anyone know how to work around this?



  14. Profile photo of Kayo Ozawa

    Hi, I’m a teacher at ICU High School and I completed the COETAIL certficate over a year and a half ago. I was wondering if I could access some active blogs/ sites concerning the history of literature, starting from Gilgamesh, the Greek classics, and all the way up to the Romantics, including Shakespeare (with the introduction of the Romantics, I can move onto American literature as well). I’ve checked out Bethany Schull’s (former classmate) blog, but it doesn’t seem to be active anymore…

    1. Profile photo of Lissa Layman

      Hi Kayo,

      It is an individual COETAILer’s choice whether to keep their blogs active or not. From the COETAIL homepage, you could click on ‘Tags’. This might help you find relevant blog posts. You could also use the ‘Search this website’ box to find blogs. I also wonder if tweeting using the #COETAIL hashtag could help you find some colleagues to collaborate with.

      Hope that helps! Let us know how we can support you :)

  15. Hi. I just missed the registration for Cohort6, can you let me know when you will be starting Cohort7? I would love to be part of this program.

    1. Profile photo of Lissa Layman

      Hi Paul!

      Cohorts usually start every February and September. If the trend continues, Cohort 7 will begin in September 2016. Hope that helps!

  16. Profile photo of Valerie Koch

    Hello coaches,
    I’m having trouble inserting an image into my blog. I do know how to do this, but I’ve been getting an error message for the last 2 days whether I try to insert an image saved on my hard-drive or whether it’s from a URL. Is there a problem with the website right now?
    Thank you, Valerie

    1. Profile photo of Jeff Utecht

      Hi Valerie,

      I took a look at your blog and was able to add an image to your blog via upload and from a URL. So all seems to be working from what I can tell. Let me know if you continue to have issues.


      1. Profile photo of Valerie Koch

        Great, Jeff. It seems to be working now. Thanks.

  17. Valerie Koch @ 2016/09/11

    Hi Coaches.
    I’m geeking out over here. Trying to import my personal blog to my COETAIL blog, but am getting the message on the COETAIL site that there are no importers available. Can you help me with instructions on how to install one?

  18. Hi Coaches,
    Sorry but I don’t know what is going wrong with my images in my blog posts. I have downloaded and uploaded the images the same way, and some are visible while others aren’t. I can see them all fine in my editing view, and I tried to be careful to use images that are available for reuse. I’m sorry – this should be simple. Do you have any advice?

  19. Hi, I am interested in joining the January 30 course. Is there someone I could contact for sign-up specifics?

    1. Profile photo of Lissa Layman

      Hi Jason! Check out the Registration page for more specifics (link to Let us know if you have any questions!

  20. Brendon @ 2017/05/26

    Hi, I have seen people adding links in the comments that they are making on other peoples posts and for all my looking I cannot find a way to do it myself. How do you add hyperlinks within a comment that you make on another persons post? Thanks


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