No matter how closer to the information we are now today than the past through the web, it is still likely to be our intuition that we rely on to get relevant information in the most efficient /productive /qualitative way.

'The Unwinding of the Cosmic Clock Spring' by esaruoho

Attribution: By esaruoho on Flicker. Image: No. 3 of Harp String Series - The Unwinding of the Cosmic Clock Spring.

We cannot simply rely on the web as the best tool to reach out to the exact point that you truly would strive for. No matter how much information you see on the web, it is ourselves who select and think critically which data or even which tool/s is/are crucial for our best needs.

Almost two decades ago, one of the topics covered in educational text books was how to manage quantitative information and everyone was concerned about what would realistically look like for us to live in the age of information era. Especially no ones could give the right answer to that question at that time since what we have now today as our present efficient communication tools were unrealistically unattainable commodities, which were made in inapplicable wish-list for our house hold appliances at that time. How many people at that time could actually imagine today’s reality, where we have mobile phones, which are smart enough to give us instant information spontaneously/simultaneously or connect each of us with other people whenever/wherever/however we want in our hands? This leads to another question, which is that to what extent human-beings have capabilities to deal with or enjoy so much information or many social relationships in all media.

Because of the technological invention, we do have so many accessible and available ways to get to the information in this world, and we should be much easier to handle quantitative information, yet the truth is that the more convenient it becomes for us to reach out to the information, the much closer it approaches us autonomously. We do not want to be overwhelmed by such information, and thus the skill to deal with it has been noted to people since then.

The article of ‘ Six Degree of Separation’ makes me think this point further that although we cannot tell how it comes to the clear point that we know by any chance how to access to the best information we want at any stages, we never seem to be completely overwhelmed by or trapped by tons of information. The interesting point, which appeals to me is that the more information there are out, the less time you tend to spend to reach out to the exact info you need. This is nothing logically or mathematically explainable, yet it appears to be that something unstructured is happening as the information grows.

Since our society is what is called postmodernism, this world is now growing or evolving from the bottom without any acknowledged framework, and we are moving towards the unpredictable direction of  ‘being continued….’, which has no goal set.

Attribution: By BhumiJoshi on Flicker. Image: Inspiration Pics.

There are no maps on our hands to search the most relevant information for us, yet we are managing ourselves somehow to find or select the best materials for our best needs in spite of other flowing (sometimes distracting) information. When we want to find the information, we rely on the media, yet we still rely on ourselves to select and do the information processing inside or outside of ourselves.

The technology always helps us to organize the flow of information for our best comfort, yet it is actually each of us who manages the loads of information somehow. We are capable of ignoring irrelevant information, skimming the data and picking up the most relevant information, and this is not the same way as the computer process does for us. This unpredictable way for us to look at the flow of information inside of our brain might reflect on who we are now. It is not a matter of how much the information is flowing but that of how we perceive it. We are living in such a hyper-connected information society, yet all the information does not distract you from finding the right one since you are the best person to know what you need or not, which is applied to your inspiration or intuition.