Everyone says ‘thank you’ !

Everyone says ‘thank you!’

I have been thinking of what the concepts behind remix culture mean to us in this society, in particular, in an educational field. All of the people at our school including students, parents and teachers extend their greetings to each other very well in anytime. Even if you are not in good mood for a day, once a community member pays his/her complements to you, your day would be filled with happiness. There is such a glorious qualitative moment in each day in our school.

Making the usual greetings looks to me that it is an original echoing activity, which is specific to our society. (This behavior also could be seen in that of birds and any other animals.) Moreover a baby in his/her mother’s interior of the womb hears his/her mother’s voice. In this way s/he could be ready to recognize her mother’s voice. Are we born to be reflected on an outsider anyway?

Remix is nothing special.

Although ‘remix’ itself sounds like a very cutting edge term for the late 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, it seems to me that we are inherent in ‘remix’ just like we are living in a community. That is to say, a human being cannot live by herself/himself. Therefore  I think that one of inherent talents in human-beings as ‘echoing’ could be something to be born with. A poet called Kaneko Misuzu, who passed away once had presented her poem ‘Kodamadeshouka iie soredemo’ to our society. This truly could highlight the concept behind our nature. The following video adopting Mrs Kaneko’s poem  was designed by Dentsu Corporation and released by Advertising Council Japan.

Remix is outstanding because of the hyper-connected society.

Similarly remix culture seems to me that it has been there anyway for all the time. This tendency has got a lot of attention recently since only this could be done in much easier/quicker ways than what it used to be. The hyper-connected infrastructure makes it possible for us to copy and past spontaneously via trans-media. This appears to me that it is a matter of speed and more information floating than ever, which makes the culture so unique.

When we are greeted by someone ‘Good Morning’ with big smile, we gain a lot of energy. We also want to do the same thing to other people without any conditional offers. Human-beings are such a harmonious creatures.

Reception Ceremonies of Academy Award and Nobel Prize

There was the reception/ceremony of Academy Awardin March, and every person, who is gifted his/her award says ‘THANK YOU’ before his/her speech starts to appreciate his/her award.

Title: Thank you! Attributions: By TLC Fotografie No real name given

Most of them say that ‘their glorious achievement cannot be done without other members’ help or involvement or their families’ supports or love’. They might have got any advices built on others’ ideas or even passed on from other directors, which could have inspired how those honored actors performed on their films.

The analogous moment can also been referred to that of Nobel Prize. They always show their gratitude or appreciations to their indirect supporters and assisting people or their own masters too. Their scientific results from chemical/physical experiments could not be produced/completed without the accomplishments of their scholastic masters.

Old Things in New Ways?

We could not stop imitating, rethinking, revising and creating ‘old things in new ways or new things in new ways’ since this might be an intrinsic / only way for us to learn, experience and step forwards. I have just realized myself that I have remixed (reused the term of ) the article I read during my course1 in a different way and mashed-up the concept to be adopted to our human behavior.

Hence remix/mash-up culture should be celebrated for our society as how/what/where/when we enjoy our greetings since they are part of ourselves. I am sure sooner or later there would be an evolved or developed system like Creative Commons showing up so did the concept of fair use and copyright law appeared.


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