My course4 final project: How would you get yourself prepared for the natural disasters?

Here is my unit-planner for the course4 final project.


Not enough infos ready at my district
I do not want to be negative for unpredictable situations you might come across, yet this is something you could not expect to know how it would be like when it happens. How much you prepare for those days might not make sense at all , in particular, in such days.

Yet we would not want to regret that the preparation is not enough. I am sure that there are tons of situations possibly thinkable depending on whenever/wherever/however you are on those coming disaster days. This is not something you could prepare for yourself and other people perfectly, yet at least sharing various simulations ready for the natural disasters would  help students to get more confidence to confront the tough situations.

When we had the huge earthquake disaster on the 11th of March, it terrified us a lot in many ways. The earthquake evacuation did not work so much. Some of students and faculties could not follow the emergency rules the school had set up. We had the meeting right after the 11th of March in 2011 to review the day. We realized that we could not follow our emergency procedures exactly, yet since we had practiced so many times, intrinsically we knew that where we should go, what we should do and how we should behave.

However there could be possible occasions, which you might be at off the school campus, and officially in our schools any other possible cases have not been shared with each other.

Since the course 4 is all about how we could urge ourselves to learn in this hyper-connected society, the possible  natural disasters would let us be proactive for creating the strategy to deal with the unpredictable situations. This might be something we could work together and/or collaborate with outsiders, who could be official people/experts/peers.

The reverse instruction and/or flipped classroom

First of all, I would like students to have the basic information or brief idea of the consequence of natural disasters at home via watching a short video/slideshows about how other institutions/organizations prepare themselves for the expecting natural disasters. By the time we have the first session, they should have the rough/fundamental idea to think ahead the strategy.

On the second/thrid/forth sessions at home/school, they will start researching their living area(for instance, Minatoku district, Shibuya district and Chiyoda district). I would suggest that they should go for the homepage of according district to find out the current status of the qualitative/quantitative release of information since a student/s is/are appointed to be a civil servant/s to improve the risk management of an area. For instance, Bunkyo-ku does not seem to have enough info of the case of emergency.

It would be great if they could find a way to collaborate with outsiders (, one of whom might be a real appointed director of his/her area). Since this is more likely to be challenged based learning leading to project-based learning, they should be expected to find their own strategies/solutions to their living area. It is totally up to them that they could make a video to show the citizens of a particular area of the district  the safe ways or tips to evacuate their living area. For instance they can take an advantage of the utility of Google Maps.

They could also think as realistic as possible how it would be like if they were in some sorts of situations such as sleeping at night, going out for dinner and staying at their friends’ houses.

On the final day, those simulation videos created by students will be loaded to the voice-threads, which could be shared and make other groups comment/feedback on their opponents’ simulations. This opportunity would give students other inspirations/approach/unknown- useful information.


I hope that this topic itself is dynamic enough to urge students to learn autonomously, collaboratively and enthusiastically. At the same time, this would involve their physical field investigation on their area, which would not let them sit in front of lap-tops or i Pads all days. Hopefully this topic makes students find their own balance to get strong concentration on their work.


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