Another report after the implementation of course1 final project.

First of all, please let me give my best thanks to Ms. Kirsten Gallagher as our library teacher to have implemented my original unit plan on behalf of my course1 final project !

November10, 2011(The 1st session)
Overall it worked well thanks to Kirsten’s teaching. Right after she delivered the lesson to the 1st class of 4th graders(, which was 4Green), I was sure it would work. Kirsten as our library teacher and I had a meeting to discuss with the content  of the lesson/unit  planner I had created, and went through the process together so that we could not have any misunderstanding about the meaning of this unit.

This preparation was good enough for us to have the same picture, and of course her way of implementing or conveying the lesson made this unit alive. Both classes(4Green and 4Yellow) of the 4th graders seemed to have understood the introduction fairly enough to start finding out  information in order to respond to the survey questions as they took notes although some students found it difficult to think of the 2nd question ‘what does the 21st century mean to you?’

The time line also worked well although the latter class 4 yellow had a few minutes less than the former class 4 green. Regardless of the fact, because our library teacher  could do the presentation a little bit quicker than she had done for the former class 4 green, 4 yellow managed to have followed the task more smoothly than I had expected. They had better understanding than what I had expected.

When I took a look at the process of their survey task, I had good feeling about what they had written so far although some students could not get to the whole questions yet. I could see more creative answers than I had imagined, yet Kirsten’s reaction to their answers were more realistic or severe than mine. I was sure I was more optimistic than authentic teachers!

Although some of their answers were superficially creative, they did not mean to be constructive answers, which were true. I thought there were no problems for them to have less constructive answers at this stage since the note-taking was only draft. I would like to see them complete their task by the next lesson, in which they are supposed to submit their answers on-line during the next class time.

November18, 2011(The second session)
Kirsten began this second lesson by re-explaining a few key terms of the survey questions, which were difficult for some groups to understand fully enough. I was also sure that the 2nd question would be too big theme for them to write in a few sentences.

Overall, both classes did very good job replying to the online survey directly with the limited time given to them. This time they started filling out their answers straightforwardly into the online form as they referred back to the note that they had taken last week.

They had more heating up conversations or discussion during that time within each group according to Kirsten. Someone did take an initiative replying to those questions on-line, and others had more discussions for those questions. I was excited to see them engaged in thinking those questions, evaluating their answers and collaborating their on-line survey form together.

When I looked at all collected answers online, all hope to have both digital and non-digital resources in our library. They also hope to have librarians in the future too yet two of groups wish to have robotic librarians.

One thing that my preparation was not good enough was observed in my positive assumption, which google doc survey form should have been accessible to all people without any google accounts. (I ended up logging-in my account again to all google online survey forms in each lap-top pc, which had been embedded in our library website.)  Does anyone know any kinds of on-line survey forms, to which everyone could access to reply without any logged in accounts necessary?

December 01, 2011(The third session)
When they shared their survey answers, which had been posted by students one week prior to the third session, I managed to see some responsive reactions from some students. Although others were nervous to present their survey answers to their friends, they seemed to have enjoyed sharing their points of views, which helped them to have designed their layouts of our new library. Their designs appear to have been reflected on their thinking process for last three weeks.


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