Bravo the techno-phobia!

This is where I start from!

First of all please let me thank COETAIL opportunity. I am a library assistant at ISSH and  I realized myself now that my technology skills have been terminated since Windows 98…. of course I have had little interest in social network services, which seem to have been the huge part of generation Z since the late 20th and the beggining of the 21st century. As long as you could at least use Windows applications and internet, I thought there should be no problems at all. However this is not true if you would live in the 21st century! Every second every minute, all of pre-existing informations and technological developments are changing or being renewed. I appreciate all of people, who have awakened me.

Educations in Finland

Thinking skills always seem to come first however dynamic the information technology is. In order to foster the ability to think, how to employ digital media could lead to the driving force of lifelong study.

Information is always fading, yet  techniques of media literacy you learn are likely to last! (This quote might be not accurate, yet this was the point, which one of teachers at schools in Finland mentioned.)


This comment left by one of teachers was viewed within a Japanese TV program called ” Close up Gendai(Modern age)” on the 31st of January in 2008. The content was about referring back to all about tracks or secrets of successful educational systems in Europe, in particular, being paid attention to educations in Finland, which is said to be the world wide top ranking of PISA based on OECD. The key element in the educational philosophy in Finland is ‘Applying Eternal Wisdom to Everyday Problems’. In order to achieve this goal,  the country itself seems to educate kids to be able to be engaged in dynamic industries of information technology  in the future. According to the correspondent of PISA,

‘ The abrupt trouble -shooting skills or problems solving skills could be essential educational components. The storage of learned information in a computer is superior to that of human beings.’

How to enjoy the information literacy could result in enhancing thinking abilities.

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