Killer Rex

Outside our classroom there is a huge construction of a tyrannosaurus rex. This model represents the culmination of 6 months sustained effort by one child. In an earlier post, Inspiration Zen, I wrote about ways in which I was considering the presentation of documentation to make children’s learning visible.  The dinosaur project has served as a platform for the child to develop and use many dispositions for thinking and learning. Effective learners often display tendencies to be curious, critical, explorative and inquiring and to question, reason, clarify, organise and reflect on ideas and their own thinking. They are open-minded and creative in their thinking. As the construction of Killer Rex was nearing completion, the child spontaneously reflected on the length and enormity of his project. He showed an appreciation that when he began thinking about making this model he was 4 years old and now he is 5. In his personal cogitation he showed understanding of the extent and depth of his project. In sharing these thoughts with his friends, he  identified steps that were most meaningful to him , transferring knowledge and attitudes just acquired.
The movie shows snapshots of the process and I hope illustrates the deep sense of inquiry and perseverance of the child to sustain such effort over such a long period of time. The movie is a gift for the child and his family to celebrate the child’s efforts and learning.

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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Not only the process and the finished work that Jacob created, but the level of documentation of his learning. Once again, the upper years have something to learn from ELC.

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