Forever Hopeful

A Reflection of the COETAIL Course

Several years ago, my husband and I joined a group of unfamiliar people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Although this is a common challenge that many undertake it was a memorable experience for me in many ways. We began at the base of the mountain, unsure about the journey ahead. As we walked, we travelled through completely different landscapes, from jungle, to barren rocks to glaciers. The views were stunning as was the flora and fauna.


As the altitude increased the hike became more difficult but somehow as group we were able to encourage and support each other, despite being effectively strangers, as we had not met before the trip. Sunrise was beautiful and a reminder of optimism for another brand new day. It was immensely rewarding to test myself and see what my limits were. Maybe I don’t do that often enough. However it was an amazing adventure.

This adventure has many parallels to partaking in the COETAIL course. Beginning at the base of the mountain, not really knowing what to expect is analogous to starting COETAIL, knowing almost nothing about digital technologies. Passing through new and different terrain is similar to working through the different courses, building on what was assimilated and trying out new ideas. Always having the support of the other participants and the wider global network of knowledge I discovered existed through blogging, twitter and other web based tools. The altitude took its toll, as did forever trying to see the creative rather than merely functional possibilities of technology in an early childhood setting. And finally nearing the top, or coming towards the end of the course, a realisation that I can do so much more than when I started. That just like a sunrise filled with beauty and promise, I can hope for an exciting future of forever learning. The journey is just beginning and the adventures will never end.


Photo Credit: fonzjmoto – view of sunrise over Mount Kilimanjaro

Other photos : From my own collection

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2 Responses to Forever Hopeful

  1. Avatar of pagezoe pagezoe says:

    Really I suppose it is like hiking, getting to know the terrain, deciding who to walk with, what equipment will work best for you. This is why I am glad I walked with you! A challenge to the mind and body. Every week a new challenge on the trail and a train journey passed with pondering about technology.

  2. Kim Cofino says:

    Gorgeous! I love the analogy! I know it means it wasn’t easy, but I’m so glad you stuck with it. Your perspective and your experience add such a rich dimension to our discussions and our readings. Thank you!

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