May 15

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Well, I finally did it! I have Twitter account, @chopkins67.

What pushed me over the edge? (Yes I do feel as if Twitter was a cliff I was not ready to jump off, until now.) A book – A Tiger in the Kitchen. It is a novel written by Cheryl Tan and I am not even done with it, but I went to her blog and saw that she also has a Twitter account (@CherylTan88) and I thought – I have to hear what she is saying. I love her style and her book is a great read, so far. :) So, I jumped.

I set up a Twitter account – @chopkins67. What a name – chopkins. It’s my first initial and last name, of course, and it has been my log on name, well since log on names became necessary. 67 is the year I was born – I like the numbers 6 and 7. They fit. It’s a good year. Some of my favorite people were also born that year and the ’67 Mustang is a sweet lookin’ car! I don’t like that anyone who is quick at math can figure out my age (I was born in December, subtract one until then!) – something I try not to be too sensitive about, but am and I blame my Mom. Sorry Mom, but crying at your 30th birthday was a memory that is so strong, I left the country when you turned 40. I joke… a little. :) Back to the name – @chopkins67. It isn’t flashy or clever, but it is me!

My first tweet gave me pause, but then I remembered that it was Mother’s Day – so it is a shout out to all my friends who are moms, it is a tough job that we love nearly every minute of and to my Mom, who in spite of my hang up about my age, and a few other quirks she gave me, I love dearly.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Amazing moms out there – including mine. I love you!


I can’t imagine what I will be tweeting, but if you dare, I am @chopkins67.

Tweet Tweet!


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  1. Avatar of Jeff Utecht
    Jeff Utecht

    Welcome to Twitter! Thanks for the explanation behind your name…it’s always funny here these come from. :)

    Of course setting up the account is the easy part. Using it is the hard part. I’ve started following you and have added you to the coetail.asia twitter list so everyone else following that list will see your tweets as well.

    Here’s what I would recommend for next steps.

    1. Download Tweetdeck: link to tweetdeck.com
    If Chrome is your default browser then I encourage you to download the Chrome app. If not the desktop version is just as good.

    2. Start following the coetail.asia group: link to twitter.com head to this link and click on follow list and you’ll instantly start following all the twitters from coetail.

    3. Start up Tweetdeck and add the Coetail.asia list as a deck…and….start learning.

    Looking forward to your reflections on your use of Twitter as me move through the rest of these courses.

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