What Rings My Bell?

Our class has been inspired by author and creator Amy Krouse Rosenthal and her uplifting videos. Amy not only loves to spread joy but is a great teacher of the ways we can become more conscious of ourselves and others. Our ‘What Rings My Bell?’ presentations were inspired by Amy and provided us with a fun way to explore what makes us tick.

In 4 Terry, we are becoming more aware of ourselves as learners. As a result of my recent course in Cognitive Coaching, we are focusing on the five states of mind which help us to become self-directed learners. We’re looking forward to becoming more aware of the ways we can become more responsible for our own learning. This project helps us to to focus on ‘Consciousness’, as does our recent wave of spirit in the Elementary School inspired by Amy’s video: ‘Life is a Marathon’.

We’re looking forward to many more fun and thought-provoking activities which will help us focus on the other states of mind: craftsmanship, efficacy, flexibility and interdependence.

And of course we’re looking for Amy’s visit to ISB in April!

Look out for our individual ‘What Rings My Bell?’ presentations on our student blogs soon! Links to student blogs can be found on: 4 Terry Class Blog

For now, here’s a preview into what makes Ms. Terry tick: