From strength to flipping strength

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I thought this article from TechCrunch (@freducation) would make for interesting reading for those of you using a flipped classroom in your teaching.  It seems that Stanford’s Medical School is having a go as well.  At this pace  the architectural and building businesses  must surely be rubbing their hands in glee.  The standard type of lecture hall or classroom is just not best suited for hands on tutorial classes.  I wonder whether teachers and administrators at institutions where “flipping” goes on have considered structural changes to their premises yet?

One thought on “From strength to flipping strength

  1. Loved that article and you talk to any teacher who is doing a great job of flipping their classroom and the first thing they’ll tell you is how they had to rearrange their classroom to make more “sense”.

    Great point and I wish we would think more about learning spaces when we build new schools rather then just defaulting to four squares and desks because it’s easy.

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