Can I leave a footprint please?

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I’d love to be able to go into a job interview and tell the hirer to just “google me”.  Perhaps better would be to have a one line cv/resume; “google me”.  Indeed when you google “Dana Watts” the first search page takes you straight to her personal and Coetail blogs, twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts.  There are even photos of Dana on that first results page.  Likewise when you google Brandon Hoover you are rewarded with a digital footprint as extensive as Dana’s.  I’ve just googled “Chris Goodman”, me that is, and had to get to page 6 before recognizing any of the Chris Goodmans!!  My first reaction is that my name must surely be more common than Brandon and Dana.  Chris Goodman yields over 31 million hits, Brandon just less than 6 million and Dana almost 11 million; I guess there must be some weight in having a less popular name.  That, of course, is not the only reason.  I gather that I do need to spend some time promoting a positive online image of myself.  Google “chemgoody”, my alter ego, and at least the first 7 pages contain mostly just me.  How then how do I get more “Chris Goodman” hits?  My first task has been to check that my full name appears alongside chemgoody on my YouTube chemistry channel; it didn’t but it does now.  Is the next step to make lots of comments on other blogs and posts on my own blogs, each time signing off with Chris Goodman?  It seems to be a whole lot of self-promotion, but I think that’s what it takes to get your google-juice.

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Those of us fairly new to blogging, tweeting etc. need to get over the knee-jerk reaction that what we are doing might be seen as “show-offy” and just get on with it!

One thought on “Can I leave a footprint please?

  1. Is it self-promotion or is it controlling your profile? I think that’s the internal struggle many people have. I don’t see it as self-promotion personally. I see it with protecting my profile. You’ll find it’s the little things. Like your name on Youtube, comments, Twitter, etc. It wont’ take long and your google juice will start flowing. But we need to get past this idea that this is self-promotion. You’re a public figure in that you work with others, therefore you need to protect that image and take control of your profile…and to me that’s what you’re doing.

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