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Final Project Course 1 – Student Instructional Videos

As the technology facilitator, I do not have my own classes to use as my labsite. However, one issue that has been raised across the community is how we prepare new students (and parents) for a radically different learning environment. There is a certain learning curve that must be addressed before new students are able to be fully functioning. We use Microsoft OneNote extensively ,which is not commonly used; we are essentially paperless in the MSHS; we use a specific student information system; etc.

One of the solutions to this issue that we (the MS Counselor and I) have discussed on campus is the development of student ambassadors to act as guides and mentors for new students in all facets of student life. As part of the ambassador duties, we envision students creating videos to help introduce and guide new students. These videos can begin by focusing on the use of technology at school but can grow to encompass other areas of transition: using the lockers, how the lunch line works, what should you do if you have to sign out of school… the list is endless!