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COETAIL 1 Reading Reflection

Innovation, Education, Disruption, Transformation

Clayton Christensen:

The key to transforming the classroom with technology is in how it is implemented. We need to introduce the innovation disruptively — not by using it to compete against the existing paradigm and serve existing customers, but to target those who are not being served — people we call nonconsumers. That way, all the new approach has to do is be better than the alternative — which is nothing at all.

A lot of technology integration in schools (my school included) seems to be focused on that idea of doing old things in new ways; a simple substitution of digital for analog. It makes sense in a way. It is a natural entry point for most teachers.

Christensen seems to be arguing that we need to be “selling” things to teachers and students that they never knew they wanted or needed. Blogging is disruptive (and transformative) not when it is used as a replacement for “traditional” writing but when it empowers teachers and students to connect with others around the world. Google Docs is disruptive when used as a collaborative working space rather than as an alternative to Word or Pages.

I’m curious to know what other disruptive innovations teachers see being used in their schools and classrooms…