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May 14

COETAIL, Part Deux


Now that I have successfully completed the COETAIL program, I feel compelled to blog! I already find myself anticipating the next course…only there isn’t one. Really? No full Master’s or PhD? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be “Dr. COETAIL”? Hey, one can dream, right? The good news is that COETAIL, Part Deux does exist…as an …

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May 12

COETAIL Final Project – IB French, Collaborative Writing

FINALLY!!!! I am very pleased to announce that I got the COETAIL final project monkey off my back! I refer to it as a monkey in the most affectionate of manners. This was a really long process. The first step of just settling on a project topic seemed like an amazing accomplishment. The next step …

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Nov 10

The ISTE NET*S and 21st century learning

early 20th century learning All rights reserved by dlundbech

In some circles there are those who still (13 years into the 21st century!) resist the notion that learning in the 21st century is any different than it has ever been. Perhaps they might even go as far as claiming that the “21st century learner” is a myth. As a learner who has learned (and …

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Oct 22

Bigger Steps Towards Zen Presentation

All rights reserved by NikosLiapis

I recently blogged about some Baby Steps Towards Zen Presentation. Recently I have had the opportunity to take some bigger steps towards presentation Zen. The opportunity to collaborate was presented by the high school assistant principal and the MYP coordinator. Personally, I never pass up a good opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues. Student engagement …

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Mar 03

Demonstrate. Collaborate. Communicate. Model.


I have collaboration on the brain. It is also on the brains of other educators and curriculum coordinators, as evidenced by my Tweep, Stacy, in her recent blog post. I love to collaborate. Some of my fondest teaching memories are those brainstorming, planning, developing, moderating, and creating with numerous colleagues over the past couple of …

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