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Jun 04

pre-COETAIL blog post

Some rights reserved by CityGypsy11

It’s like throwback Thursday (#TBT), only it’s Tuesday! However, I am doing a little digital housecleaning and have stumbled upon some great files from my past. One is a picture of a fave student who just graduated from university last month. In the picture he’s in 9th grade, slightly chubby with short hair. He’s now …

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May 14

COETAIL, Part Deux


Now that I have successfully completed the COETAIL program, I feel compelled to blog! I already find myself anticipating the next course…only there isn’t one. Really? No full Master’s or PhD? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be “Dr. COETAIL”? Hey, one can dream, right? The good news is that COETAIL, Part Deux does exist…as an …

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May 12

COETAIL Final Project – IB French, Collaborative Writing

FINALLY!!!! I am very pleased to announce that I got the COETAIL final project monkey off my back! I refer to it as a monkey in the most affectionate of manners. This was a really long process. The first step of just settling on a project topic seemed like an amazing accomplishment. The next step …

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May 12

Necessity, the mother of…flipping instruction?

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.00.11 PM

The week of March 3…fully booked during teaching time to record Individual Oral Assessments. The awkward part of a week of Orals is that only one or two students become the focal point of my attention during class time. This leaves the rest of the class to their own devices (literally and figuratively). Talk about …

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Feb 26

More Lessons Learned While Geeking Out

I love the Gallery widget where I used my own photos to reinforce weather expressions in French.

So, I was recently inspired. This inspiration led to the realization that maybe I haven’t been very inspired lately. I blame this recent inspiration on @klbeasley and @intrepidteacher (and, of course, the ever-inspirational PLN that can exist only as a result of the 21st century and Twitter). They recently shared (via Twitter) their recent addition …

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Feb 14

On My Way to Tech Integration Nirvana

Copyright All rights reserved by Donny Paulter

It’s way past time for a brief update on my most recent forays into technology integration. I have not necessarily begun my full-on COETAIL final project, but since inheriting a section of DP2 French ab initio in November I have managed to integrate some forms of technology with my students. I will give a brief …

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Dec 12

Device Management

BYOD classroom, circa 2010

What are ways to manage the use of devices in a classroom environment? I have typically functioned as a 21st century educator on the BYOD model, since I teach in a school where the vast majority of students have some sort of portable device from smartphone to netbook to iPad to personal laptop. Managing a …

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Nov 14

How Do You Like Your Learning?

Some rights reserved by mr. beaver

Blended? Shaken? Stirred? Flipped? Reversed? I am a huge fan of blended learning. I love online learning, mobile learning, and classroom learning equally. This could be because I have always been eclectic in my approach to teaching. I like to have lots of options to consider when determining how best to meet the demands of …

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Nov 11

From Enhancement to Transformation

All rights reserved by rakesh_s(introspecting)

  Integration is when classroom teachers use technology to introduce, reinforce, extend, enrich, assess, and remediate student mastery of curricular targets. Stratford Board of Education Substitution – Augmentation – Modification – Redefinition Technology integration (or embedding) truly redefines learning when it allows the creation of new tasks that were previously inconceivable without the available technology. …

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Nov 10

The ISTE NET*S and 21st century learning

early 20th century learning All rights reserved by dlundbech

In some circles there are those who still (13 years into the 21st century!) resist the notion that learning in the 21st century is any different than it has ever been. Perhaps they might even go as far as claiming that the “21st century learner” is a myth. As a learner who has learned (and …

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