Feb 10

A Never Ending Loop

While reading Jeff Utecht’s blog post, “Stages of PLN adoption”, I found that I could identify with each of the stages of adopting a personal learning network. I have experienced each stage to varying degrees in conjunction with the establishment of the myriad PLNs that I have experimented with (including: Twitter, Classroom 2.0 Ning, Curriculum 21, The International School Teacher, CEET NING). The intensity of each stage is directly tied to the level of personal engagement that I feel in connecting with a platform. The look and feel of a PLN, the voices contributing, and the topics of discussion are all key elements tied to my personal interest level that determine just how immersed I will become.

For me, these stages not only apply to PLN adoption, but to the broader journey into the world of 21st century educational technology: the learning, the growth, the implementing of an idea, the ebb and flow of interest, the lack of time, the loss of time, the frustration, the desire to know it all, the realization that knowing it all is an effort in futility…

I am entering the COETAIL program with the intention of gaining perspective and moving towards a state of balance. The stages of immersing, evaluating, and knowing it all can easily create a never ending loop from which it can be difficult to emerge. Being stuck in the Sisyphean task of learning, and keeping up with, technology often gets in the way of my progression to a stage of deeper thinking about the application of all of the knowledge gained.

I have recently arrived at a stage of acceptance. I accept that I possess a lot of knowledge about technology, how it can be used in the classroom, how it should be used to reach a level of creating on Bloom’s taxonomy; however, getting what I know out to colleagues is an aspect that I find challenging. There is so much that is important to share, that it is overwhelming to know where/how to begin. So, I intend to make this an opportunity to learn and reflect, an opportunity to develop my plan, to take some steps forward towards the next level of collaboration in hopes of inspiring those around me to take a few steps forward.


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