Digital Story – Database Tutorial

For the purpose of this assignment I decided to do a screen casting tutorial.  Our high school has just hosted the Forensics tournament on behalf of our school league, MESAC.  For this event, some of the students needed to access recent articles from Time, Newsweek and the Economist.  Many students did not know how to search by publication or even knew that many of the databases had this capability. As I would have access to the students myself, I thought a tutorial on how to do this would be helpful not only to our students but all students involved in MESAC.

I used Jing, which was very easy to use, however, a little more complicated to upload to my blog.  Initially I thought it would be easy to comment as I walked through the various steps, however, it soon became apparent that I really needed to write out a script and think about what I wanted to say and where I wanted my cursor/mouse to be when I was speaking.  I have also attached a script which includes dialogue and  placement/movement of the cursor.  Script

One thought on “Digital Story – Database Tutorial

  1. Great screen cast! I’ve all great intentions of using more screen casting to explain instructions and examples. However, I just haven’t followed through. It seems quite simple and I have done it before, but I just have made it a practice. Right now, things are in “hind sight.” I look back and say to myself “that would been a great opportunity for a screen cast.” I do appreciate others taking a chance and just simply doing it. I do see this as the way of the future, especially in a time when we are trying to Flip the Classroom. Thanks for the inspiration and keep the screen casting going!

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