What makes the web so powerful? Collaboration with peers or students?

What makes the web so powerful?

What is one way you could collaborate with your professional peers or students?

One way I have and can continue collaborating with my peers is by posting blogs and reading blogs posted on particular library topics I am interested in pursuing further.  For example, at the beginning of the school year when I received the 20 kindles I had ordered I was able to go on line and see what other librarians had done and also write and ask questions.

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The most helpful blog was by a very experienced and dynamic librarian called Buffy Hamilton.  She had purchased kindles and posted movie clips of herself documenting the whole process.  She had frequent updates, commenting on how things were working.  In addition to watching her clips she had also put forms on Slide Share for everyone to use.

Being able to benefit from librarians before me when it came to preparing the Kindle for circulation was extremely helpful, however, I did have to modify what I did for our school because I am both MS and HS and most librarians posting about kindles were only dealing with either MS or HS.

I have often written to librarians asking for advice on various topics, for example, I wanted to find out about a library design expert when we began looking at renovating the Stein building.  A number of librarians told me about Kevin Hennah, a library design expert out of Australia who I then contacted.  As he was not able to come to India, I arranged a meeting on Skype with myself, our school architect, Perkins & Eastman, the architects the school hired from New York.  We had a plan of the library up and were able to all discuss this in detail.  This would not have been possible without the Web!

This past year, I worked on a library blog and post new books on a regular basis, however for the next posting of new books I  will be collaborating with one of the 6th grade elective reading classes who are going to research book titles and trailers they would like to see advertised.  This is a way for students to promote books through the library.

Another way I have used the web to promote books is to create power point presentations per grade level on the newest 10-15 books.  I then use Google Docs and upload the presentations and attach them to my blog.  Once this is done, I send an e-mail to the specific grade level English and or Humanities teachers so that if they have 5-10 minutes they can show the presentation of new books to the class. This is a way of promoting new books and pushing the information to the students, in addition if they liked a book they can go back and view the presentation themselves whenever they want because I have linked them to my blog.  The teachers have responded very well to this and  can also add a new book if they want to.

As a librarian, I can use the web to collaborate with my peers by getting or sharing help, advice or new ideas.  I can push information out to the students and also collaborate with them on new books.  They can collaborate with each other on research and share documents through aps like Diigo.  I have only just scratched the surface of what potentially can be done – it is an interesting journey.


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