Wrapping My Brain Around The Via and The Hat Tip

Just last night I was writing about how easy it is to add widgets to my blog and then today while reading for Course 2, Week 5 I read the Curator’s Code website, which is a request to users of digital work to start adding symbols-the Via and/or the Hat Tip- into their work as another form of “attribution”. These symbols are explained here and they were created by Maria Popova “with input from Trina Roth Eisenberg.” (sorry Trina, but your link is broken) Also, Maria is interviewed on NPR: she is extremely articulate and has a great argument.

Maria’s NPR interview convinced me to further investigate her request. I looked at her blog Brain Pickings to see if she is adding the Via and the Hat Tip into her blog and I did not see the symbols. I thought, well how would I use these symbols within my actual writing instead of simply linking words, like I’m doing right here in this blog? Popova as the creator will have to model… To be fair, perhaps she has other blogs were she is using her Via and Hat Tip.

Now there is a third symbol involved in the Curator’s Code and that is the infinity symbol, which we are supposed to add to our blogs and link to the Curator’s Code website: get the message out. Popova does have this modeled on her Brain Pickings blog.

Alright, so let me just say that I am open minded to Popova’s ideas, but at this point I will not worry about wrapping my head around these two symbols because my digital productivity does not yet require anything more than using CC licensed pictures and linking lots…

Let’s see some modeling of these symbols because perhaps we need to get our students on board.

Are any of you Coetailers using the Via or the Hat Tip?


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