I’m Licensed!

Okay, so I have finally visited¬†http://creativecommons.org¬†and selected a license. I’m still amazed by the ease of cutting and pasting widgets. (I’m totally into my Flag Counter and my WeeMe avatar) That’s probably why so many blogs are chock full of widgets. There is something to keeping the clutter down though. I had a choice between the size of the cc icon and I chose the small icon. Then I thought about an article by Dana Watts were she spoke of all teachers having a voice that matters. Does my choice mean something about my tech integration self-esteem? Absolutely! I am only adding a Creative Commons license because Jeff assigned this task. I still need more time to learn and grow and perhaps once I make it to course four or five, I will feel that this license is actually deserved. *I’ve just put the CC icon back on my blog as I accidentally deleted it a few weeks ago. This time I chose the large icon because it has symbols instead of text.


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  1. Sidebar is looking good! Love the avatar, map and flag counter. These are motivating widgets as they show you that people are actually looking at and reading your blog if they are not leaving comments (Lurkers…the webs full of them). Continue to reflect on this idea of audience and how powerful it is for you as a writer and then think about your students and how motivated they are when they have an audience. This is why I love having students blog and the first thing we do is put a map on their blog so they can see where people are from that are reading their blog. Audience is a motivating factor for doing work. Whether writing, creating videos, or any project. We do better work when we know we have an audience? Audience matters….so how do we use this to motivate students?

  2. Many a time I’ve analyzed my Flag Counter map and tried to figure out the flags that I don’t recognize. It is motivating. I’m still thinking, who is reading my stuff?? Maybe Paula, my co-cotailer, or you, my teacher; but, the more I learn the more I trust that my blogs will provide something useful to others, in time … I’m excited about my students blogging next year when I’m teaching in India. We don’t do it in China: blogs are blocked and too tricky. Final project 2 is coming soon… We’ve just had Internet issues with getting our last few pictures.

  3. I’m reading your blog too Britt! I know you posted this a while back, but I also,just today, added my Creative Commons license. Like you, I only have added this because we were asked too – I don’t yet feel that the license is deserved either – or that anyone will be using any of my information thus necessitating the license. But I totally get the value in learning how to get the license and how it teaches you the responsibility of proper rights and citations. I know from our conversations that you’ve grown tremendously since beginning this course in terms of technological literacy and your ability to use tech in the classroom and I hope to see the same growth for me. As for now, I can say the course has widened my understanding of tech, and as such impacts how I personally use it everyday as well as in the class. Thanks for pushing me to do this course!

    • Hi Payal, I am glad that you’re Coetailing with us and that you’re doing it at AISC. Although I have not been posting here for over 1 year and I’m just now starting up with Coetail again, I have been using Blogger for my classroom blog and to teach my students how to blog and how to create a Digital Portfolio. Through that adventure I have been able to apply my learnings from Coetail course 1 and 2. I did not apply much until I arrived at AISC, a school with a commitment to tech integration. Sometimes we simmer on our new learnings before we “apply” them, so if you find yourself doing more tech integration after you’ve finished Coetail, well then, it worked… Learn, simmer, apply… That is my style at least. Now let’s see how completing course 3 and 4 this year transforms my teaching next year.

  4. I need to take your lead Brit and get the creative commons license and beef up my sidebar. Do you feel licensed now; I noticed that you posted this post a while ago? Copyright rules have always been a challege for educators. I wonder if there will ever be clear cut rules to follow. There is such a big gray area surrounding fair use.

    • Hi Laura, Since I took a year off from Coetailing I have not been sharing my tech work here on this blog even though I’ve been doing so much around tech integration; therefore, my CC license is not important to me at this point. Maybe now that I’ll be blogging again, I will start to think about my own personal CC licensing. I still feel like you, Rachel, Priya, and Carlina are people whom someone might steal ideas from, but I am more of a learner and not a creator when it comes to tech. Now if I had a blog/website about Geography teaching and learning, a subject in which my teaching is “original”, well then I would definitely care about licensing. You, Laura, are not only a tech integrator, but an artist. You post your art at times on FB and I am always amazing by your talent. Are you worried about someone lifting your art? Do you keep a blog or website dedicated to your paintings/artwork? For you, I’d think licensing was essential to posting your work. Thanks for writing.

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