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Again I call out to the more experienced Coetailers… I found this image on Wikipedia and I’ve linked the book to the Wikipedia page. There is a bunch of Creative Commons information on the Wikipedia page, but I don’t understand if this means that I can use the picture too. I want to use it in a Voice Thread. Next week is Book Week and I would like to create a simple VoiceThread Book Review with my students comments about Al Capone Does My Shirts. How does one legally use an image of a book’s cover? **After Jeff’s comments I have now linked the book’s pic and the title to 


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  1. Ah…book covers. They are an interesting one. The artwork belongs to the publisher which makes it hard to use. However because the book is sold to the public and they put the book cover online for publicity therefore it’s a tricky one.

    With book covers I say use them as long as you link to the where someone can buy the book. So instead of linking to the wikipedia page, because the artwork doesn’t belong to them, link to the book on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble. Or some other store where when clicked on you the person would get more information about the book and be able to purchase it.

    In a voicethread you could create a slide at the end of the presentation that has links to all the books used in the VT itself. Or put it at the bottom of the image.

    Great question…that is complicated….at the end of the day the publisher wants to sell books so if you link to somewhere where others can buy the book….they’re happy and you stay out of trouble as you are linking to the publisher that owns the artwork.

    • Great advice Jeff and it makes sense. I will add a slide at the end of my VoiceThread presentation that links the book back to

  2. Good question and I appreciate Jeff’s reply. When we did our book trailers, I boldly told the kids to use the cover art image. In my heart I was hoping for a “fair use – education – non-commercial” interpretation. We did put in a citation at the end. I will experiment with putting a link into the book trailers.

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