Spring is Finally Arriving: What am I Doing?

I am reading about digital footprints; using my name in google, pipl,etc; and searching for a Creative Commons picture to add to my blog, and I really just want to enjoy going outside without gloves and a hat, which I haven’t done since October. In all honesty, I spent about 20 minutes investigating my name and then I spent another ten using PhotoPin to find a picture that represents my current mood; Jeff says I need to start adding pictures to my blog. I am honestly not excited about this because I think my blogs are still just for me. Why? Because I still feel that I have very little to give in this tech integration realm. Anyway, back to topic… My digital footprint certainly exists and it has for many years now. When I was in my 20s I worked in Los Angeles in the costume department of a production company. My name has come up since then. Yep, I worked on a film that would become a cult fetish: From Dusk Till Dawn. Yes, George Clooney is handsome and he is also really sweet! Back to topic again: What I recently found attached to my name in cyber space was  a document that says I adopted a baby girl, which is true and which I find very creepy… That seems like extremely private information. I don’t care that it’s public, but what if I did care? Also, I found the actual address of the home that I own in Boise and with it my age was posted: 42. Some ex boyfriend could also find that address: that is dangerous. Not that any of my past boyfriends are out to get me, but what if I had been with some obsessive guy. There really is absolutely zero privacy left in the world. I created a Face Book page as an adult a few years ago before China blocked Face Book, so I have not posted unflattering pictures, but I have an acquaintance who posts terrible pictures of the people whom she knows. I think she feels better about herself as she posts unflattering pictures of her attractive friends; and, she is an adult. I completely agree that teachers and schools need to teach children about digital footprints and how to create a flattering DF. Bill Ferriter mentions that not having a digital footprint is a concern too. I’ve added his blog to my reader as he has a couple of videos about Creative Commons and he seems very up on tech integration.  http://teacherleaders.typepad.com/the_tempered_radical/ I feel comfortable with the digital information that is found with my name including a project I worked on while in graduate school called SF ROCKS. I suppose though that I feel like this picture below because I am surrounded by code and I have very little control over writing that code. I know that Jeff wants my COETAIL blog to become part of what is found when my name is searched. So far, I have not found my blog when I search my name. I wonder how long that will take… Okay, so I read this week’s articles and I’ve attached a picture and

photo credit: verbeeldingskr8 via photopin cc

I now know that the world knows that I’ve adopted a baby girl. She’s amazing too and I’m happy to talk about the process. Now I’m going outside!






on “Spring is Finally Arriving: What am I Doing?
3 Comments on “Spring is Finally Arriving: What am I Doing?
  1. I think you’ll be interested to see where you blog is being read once you get a map widget up on your sidebar. You can watch the video on creative commons license to figure out how to do that.

    Great picture…now see if you can get it to wrap around the text and fix the code…..of course after you come back inside from a little fresh air. :)

    • Hi Jeff, I’m looking for a way to wrap the text around my picture and for a way to put the code on the picture as a caption. I have not seen the two current videos yet, maybe you address these tasks in those videos. Also, I was adding categories when my daughter jumped into my lap and now I have “wee 1″ and I cannot figure out how to change the spelling. Are all of your videos in Itunes? I just got my Itouch back with a new glass screen, my daughter dropped it, and so I’m now looking at Itunes to find your videos.


    • Hi Jeff, I realized that clicking on the picture creates a small picture on the picture and that allowed me to align and place a caption in the picture. Baby steps…

      Now I’m trying to sort out adding widgets. Not sure why you were able to embed and I was not. Will try it again soon.

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