Kindergarten Class Publishes eBook in the iTunes Bookstore

Our Book!

If you read this post then you know that my kindergarten class wrote a book in collaboration with another kindergarten class in Yokohama, Japan. We created an eBook using Book Creator for the iPad. While I’m not a super fan of this app it was simple to use and got the job done. If you’re a bit intimidated at using iBooks Author and want something that’s easy to use without all the bells and whistles, then Book Creator is your app.

Check out our published book here. If you have the iBooks app (free in the iTunes app store) installed on your iOS device you can download and read the book for free!

Stay tuned as I plan to write a post on what’s involved in publishing a book to the iTunes Bookstore.

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4 Responses to Kindergarten Class Publishes eBook in the iTunes Bookstore

  1. Avatar of Vivian Vivian says:

    Dear Ben

    What an incredible project and they’re in Kindergarten! My 8 year old is reading it now. The illustrations are fab. You must be so proud. I look forward to reading the how-to instructions for this. I think it’s a “must-do” project. I love writing and I used to do the “Writer’s Workshop” with my kids. We were constantly making class books. The kids would write their stories out on coloured stationery. We’ve come a long way since those days.

    Tell your kids how proud we are of them—all the way from Switzerland.


  2. Sorren says:

    Hi Ben. I’m following your instructions. I’m looking at your screen shot for exporting to iBook and I don’t have that cloud icon. I have the other 3. So I am not able to export to iBook, only to PDF. I’ve tried redownloading the software on my iPad but it’s just the same. What can I do?

    Please reply as I am very eager to follow in your footsteps and put a nice picture book on there.

    Thank you Ben for any advice


  3. Dan Kemp says:

    Great book! We love it when schools get involved in publishing. We’ve set up a hall of fame for books made in Book Creator – and we’ve added this one:

    link to

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