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My kindergarten class just finished participating in a wonderful activity called “Reading Around the World”. Although the activity itself is just getting started, we were one of the first participants. The basic gist is that a student chooses a book they like and records themselves reading it. You then add that recording to a collaborative wiki. As classes from all over the world add their recordings to the wiki it grows to represent students from all over the world who are reading books.

You can check out the beginnings of the project at the Help Us Read Around the World wiki.

Each student in my class was able to choose a specific book to read. Some of the students chose books that were at the upper limit of their reading ability. They really felt strongly about giving this project their best effort so I was happy to support their decision. I think they all did a stupendous job!

Here are the audio recordings we created:

Morgan Reading (mp3)

Morgan chose to read “In a Dark, Dark Wood” a Traditional Tale which is illustrated by Christine Ross. This is also her favorite book. She likes it because the ghost pops out at the end. Morgan does a great job reading this book. Morgan enjoys reading everyday!

Justin Reading (mp3)

Justin chose to read “Tiny Goes Camping” by Cari Meister and illustrated by Rich Davis. This also happens to be his favorite book. He especially likes the characters and setting. We think Justin did a great job reading this book. Justin enjoys reading everyday!

Tran Reading (mp3)

Tran chose to read “Have You Seen My Cat’ by Eric Carle. Tran’s favorite book is the “Happy Hippo” because she likes smiling hippos. We think Tran does a super good job reading this book. Tran enjoys reading everyday!

Jayson Reading (mp3)

Jayson chose to read “I Spy , Little Book” by Jean Marzollo and Illustrated by Walter Wick. His favorite book is “In a Dark, Dark wood”. He likes this book because it’s about a dark wood which he thinks is cool. We think Jayson does a great job reading this book. Jayson enjoys reading everyday!

Molly Reading (mp3)

Molly chose to read the “Happy Hippo” which is illustrated by Vincent Andriani. This also happens to be her favorite book. She likes this book because it is easy for her to read. We think Molly does a great job reading this book. Molly enjoys reading everyday!

Eilidh Reading (mp3)

Eilidh chose to read “The Chick and the Duckling”, by Mirra Gensburg and illustrated by Jose Aruego & Ariane Dewey. Her favorite book is “In a Dark, Dark, Wood” because she likes scary books about the woods. We think Eilidh does a great job of reading this book. Eilidh enjoys reading everyday!

Zara Reading (mp3)

Zara chose to read “A Rainbow” by Heather Hammonds. This also happens to be her favorite book. She likes this book because it has a rainbow and sun in it. We think Zara does a great job reading this book. Zara enjoys reading everyday!

Lucia Reading (mp3)

Lucia chose to read “Dot and the Dog” by Bobby Lynn Maslen and illustrated by John R. Maslen. This is also her favorite book. She likes it because she knows how to read it. We think Lucia does a great job reading this book. Lucia enjoys reading everyday!

This was a very cool project that the kids really enjoyed being a part of!

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2 Responses to Reading Around the World

  1. Dear Benjamin,

    Such a great activity you are doing with your kindergarten class! I am not a teacher but I work in a marketing and communications department of a school. Your project offers a very tangible way to communicate to parents on what their kids are doing in classes and their learning progress. Your activity is practical, visual in showing students’ improvement, and I am sure it was fun and exciting task for the kids.

    This week, it’s Book Week here at my school, and I imagine that it would be awesome to feature class activity like yours to parents and other teachers during this occasion. I will certainly share your blog with my librarian and kinder teachers for future reference.

    I always question with the invention of e-books and electronic readings, will physical books disappear? Personally I think it should NOT be especially with kinder students. I had fond memories with physical books when I was young and I think the visual representation books have leaves a long lasting impact on children. This is something that I strongly feel should not be replaced with technology. However, we can not keep our children behind in their digital citizens era. Hence I am very impressed by your approach of keeping the old (reading physical books) and blending it with the new technology ( recording and post it on wiki page online). To me, it means taking communication to the next level as it offers opportunities for you and your students to showcase what you guys do to a larger audience. It also reflects on you as a teacher/a life long learner, who is willing to adapt to the changes of the world and provides your students with amazing learning opportunities.

    I will be sure to keep checking your blog for future inspiring activities. :)

  2. Hello Napatthorn! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. You bring up a point that has been a hot topic lateley… e-books vs print. I have recently read very articulate and convincing articles arguing both sides. It should be interesting to see what happens in the next couple years. I know the school I work at is looking at getting a couple e-readers for the library. If that happens I will be writing about it on this blog so stay tuned. Thanks for taking time to add to the conversation!

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