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This post is dedicated to my new loves. Let’s face it. I am a total organizational nerd. Words like streamlined, efficient or increased productivity get me down right excited. I just received my reimaged computer back from the IT department. Windows 7 I love you! I actually feel like a cool, computer savvy chick as […]

Through some bizarre twist of circumstances I’ve become the sponsor of our middle school tech club.  We are in our third year of existence and we are finally….dare I type it….thriving.  It wasn’t my tech skills that placed me in this position, no disillusionment there,  but rather my nerdy organization abilities and desire to put […]

I found it quite interesting to have a phrase that I’m so familiar with, “Hanging out”, redefined with such detail in Living and Learning with New Media.  It really seemed as though the researches did an incredible job of actually listening to the perspectives of teenagers.  I can’t image those kids found the same attention […]