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 Some rights reserved by zen How do we know if we are meeting technology standards?  Let’s back up for a moment.  Isn’t technology a tool to help students achieve learning in the content areas?  Wikipedia shared ISTE’s definition of technology integration as:  Curriculum integration with the use of technology involves the infusion of technology as a tool […]

Yes, the NETs need to be taught, but by who?    Some rights reserved by JanneM I really don’t think there is a overarching answer that can be applied to all learning environments.  Schools  need to determine how these standards will be addressed, yet aren’t schools facing these questions of delegation on a variety of fronts? Who will […]

Bio Fair Frenzy

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It’s been a fun yet perplexing week in eighth grade science.  For quite some time my students have been building up background knowledge on different bio systems and now they are preparing for our upcoming Bio Fair.  Booths are being constructed.  Activities are being planned.  Speeches are being crafted.  Our audience?  The ever eager third, […]


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Compared to the current set of IT standards I’ve been working under, the NETS seem like a logical set of objectives. Creativity and Innovation-a medium of expression for preexisting classroom standards. Communication and Collaboration- a means for developing deeper understanding of the pre-existing classroom standards.  Once you teach others, you will understanding a concept in […]