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I really like teaching middle school. To quote a brilliant middle school teacher I work with, “Lower school teachers love their students, upper school teachers love their subjects and middle school teachers love each other.” Middle schools are a melting pot of collaboration.  Students, teachers and administrator putting their minds together to accomplish amazing things.  […]

Once again, further evidence that I am really getting quite old.  I think that one of the psychological costs of teaching is the daily, in your face evidence, of each passing year.  If I were to work in an office building and wander away from my cubicle a few times a day I would generally […]

Champion Needed

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So I started reading Changing How we Teach Copyright by Doug Johnson and I’ve come to an incredibly clear conclusion.  A moment of insight if you will. I am completely incapable of teaching copyright law.  I’m the one that needs to be taught about copyright law. Some rights reserved by Just when I think I […]

Digital Me

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Before starting this IT course work I must admit I didn’t think much about my digital profile.  Why would someone bother looking into me? A shroud of blissful ignorance kept me feeling nice and secure.  Yet, after about week three of course work an uneasy feeling started to creep up.  How was this unease abated?   […]

I took some time to try out the new digital footprint calculator on the EMC website.  It only took me about 10 minutes to download the program, answer the questions and start tracking my own digital footprint.  I did find that some of the questions were difficult to answer with any sense of accuracy.  As […]