I’m back.  This semester has been a whirlwind of the likes I don’t ever want to see again.

Attribution Some rights reserved by Lori Joan

Here’s a quick update on where I am with my final COETAIL project.

My goal was to find a part of my curriculum that is being taught in a not-so visual manner and do my best to infuse purposeful visuals into the teaching and learning.   After reflection I realized that as a result of the last year and a half of more purposeful use of visuals, there really isn’t a huge gap to be found.  My goal then shifted a bit and I decided to take on something that I have actively avoided since I heard the phrase “screen capture” years ago.  I’m making videos with Camtasia Studio to provide a preview or review of the most challenging concepts in our chemistry unit.  I hope to have these done in the next week so that my students can use them to review for the final test.

So far I have confirmed that:

-I do not like editing video.  That whole one minute of video represents one hour of editing is actually a conservative estimate.

-I’m completely self-conscious about my voice and image on the screen.

Yes, I will persevere and have something to share soon.  Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be an absolutely riveting chemistry-video series.  (I’m not very good at conveying sarcasm through written text.)