Yes, the NETs need to be taught, but by who?

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I really don’t think there is a overarching answer that can be applied to all learning environments.  Schools  need to determine how these standards will be addressed, yet aren’t schools facing these questions of delegation on a variety of fronts?

Who will teach sex education?

How will students learn to be “greener” citizens?

Who will ensure our students are moral?

There is just too much learning to go around.

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I joke, yet isn’t there a small truth to this.  Kids need to learn more and more to keep up in this world.  Is there anything they can learn less and less?  Ok, maybe binder organization and cursive handwriting are taking a back burner, but I do fear the standard and benchmark jamming sessions that happens under most educators’ umbrella of responsibility.


How will the NETs be taught?

There is no one, perfect answer.

Some schools will see that the NETs are covered in the core curriculum, and others will elicit the help of a computer specialist.  The best schools will figure out how to empower their students with the knowledge of the NETs without overwhelming them with a deadly case of standards and benchmarks overload. Yikes!

I just hope that whomever is determining how the NETs will be addressed remembers that technology is a tool. A wonderful, exciting, world accessing tool, but a tool nonetheless.

There is so much to learn and…I sometimes miss my red, plastic Trapper Keeper.