I really like teaching middle school.

To quote a brilliant middle school teacher I work with, “Lower school teachers love their students, upper school teachers love their subjects and middle school teachers love each other.”

Middle schools are a melting pot of collaboration.  Students, teachers and administrator putting their minds together to accomplish amazing things.  On any given day you’ll find…

-students simultaneously achieving standards and benchmarks along with all the 101 life lessons that go along with teaching adolescence.

-teachers co planning  lessons in which students will benefit from the insights of many.

-administrators leading with the mantra, let’s do what’s best for kids.

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Working on a collection of digital citizenship lessons was just one, in a series of collaborative tasks, that I took part in this month.  It was a joy to brainstorm, share and collaborate with my peers.  I have high hopes that the ideas we’ve gathered will be a contribution toward the formalization of digital citizenship education at our school.  I would imagine that in the future we would work to define the genres of digital citizenship education that would organize our approach.  We’ll work together to decide which topics should be addressed/reinforced at each grade level.  I believe in these lessons.  I think they are important.

Just today I was talking with a colleague about the differing perspectives different age groups have on this digital world in which we now all exist.  I think I am at an advantage.  Yes, I struggle with some of the latest tools and gadgets, but I am capable of learning how to use them, but more importantly, I am capable of appreciating them.  Our students whiz by us with their IT usage, but I don’t think they always appreciate what they have at their fingertips.  With this lack of appreciation can come a lack of understanding about proper etiquette.

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Have you backed up your files this week?  No, let’s do it together.

Are your images free for use and cited?  Let’s find some from creative commons.

Did you really create this I hate Mrs. Maguire facebook group?   We need to have a talk.

I really like teaching middle school.  I get to teach the entire student with my entire mind and heart.

Here is my collaboratively created…

Digital Citizenship Lesson Buffet

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