So I started reading Changing How we Teach Copyright by Doug Johnson and I’ve come to an incredibly clear conclusion.  A moment of insight if you will.

I am completely incapable of teaching copyright law.  I’m the one that needs to be taught about copyright law.

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Just when I think I have something figured out, another international court case violates this belief and takes away any confidence I’ve gained.  Every librarian and technology consultant I’ve worked with has had their own “must do” steps for documentation and I have dutifully followed each of these rules like a faithful devotee.  I have of course modeled these evolving set of rules for my students and passed on these expectations to them.  I’ve actually graded the kids on this!  No wonder the kids are confused.  Am I violating copyright right now?  Doesn’t Sesame Street own the letter “B”?

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Jobs in education are changing so much.  There was no need for a technology coordinator to handle the 25 electric typewriters in my high school typing class.  Now we have technology coordinators, technology learning consultants, green team leaders and so on.  I need a copyright champion.  I need a person in my professional life that provides me with one, clear way to site sources, direct searches and protect my own work.   This person

could proof my PowerPoints, parent letters and COETAIL blogs to ensure I’m keeping up with the latest expectation.  She could keep me up to date on the most recent copyrightexploits in the news and translate them down to the their applicable connections to my own  small sphere of influence.  As soon as the mystical champion arrives I know I’ll feel more confident.

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What were the requirements for citing images on this blog?

Are they the same for putting images on our school’s Google Sites?

No wait, that was using Google Docs.

Can I post images of my students on this blog?

I have a ways to go.  She really can’t get here fast enough.