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Persuasive PowToon to Rescue the Sun Bear Center

                  The news spread quickly to the school — the local government was considering shutting down the KWPLH Environmental Education Center located at kilometer 23. This was horrible news. The Environmental Education … Continue reading

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A Small School Can Make A Big Difference

Gentle prayers are whispered by a shaman in a language I am unable to understand. He sacrifices a young chicken with his razor sharp knife. Its blood is smeared marking an “x” on our foreheads. After each prayer the village … Continue reading

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Go Green Riders Go!

Recently, I presented the idea of sponsoring the Green Riders to our student council. Our students understand that education is one of the most powerful ways to reduce negative impact on the environment. The motion passed with full support. Go Green … Continue reading

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Keep Wehea Wild

Getting wild in Wehea–sacrificial pig and chicken bloodletting (and smearing), protective prayers for the forest, intimate Njuk trance healing, ceremonial funeral dances and festivities, and the sweet sounds of a buzzing forest full of wild, endemic animals. Wow! All packed into … Continue reading

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Wehea Dayak: Guardians of the Forest

Getting wild in Wehea. I just returned from a reconnaissance trip into the interior of East Kalimantan to meet the Wehea Dayak and Brent and Sheryl, the NGO team from Ethical Expeditions. I was gathering information about their plans to build an conservation … Continue reading

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Collaborating for Conservation

The Sun Bear Rock! Project is campaign inspired by Kenny Peavy to raise awareness for endangered sun bears living in South East Asia. When I got a message from Kenny about the project, I jumped in. Teaching in Borneo, the home of … Continue reading

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