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Wehea Dayak: Guardians of the Forest

Getting wild in Wehea. I just returned from a reconnaissance trip into the interior of East Kalimantan to meet the Wehea Dayak and Brent and Sheryl, the NGO team from Ethical Expeditions. I was gathering information about their plans to build an conservation … Continue reading

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Latest Issuu of Adventure Recreation Club

Open publication – Free publishing – More adventure   Climb on! Adventure Recreation Club just kicked off season 7 here in Borneo. To better communicate club information and registration details, I embedded the newsletter using issuu to my club’s wiki site. Click Climbing In Education: What if … Continue reading

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Unit Lesson Plan-Geocaching: the Salok Api Ride

For my COETAIL (Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy) assignment, I created a best practice student-centered online learning experience unit plan. My plan was to harness the latest in voice technology and GPS enabled devices to lead students through … Continue reading

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Biking in Borneo: a rite of passage

Here is an article I wrote that was published in International School Services NewLinks. This article was referenced in a previous post, Geocaching: The Salok Api Ride. Biking in Borneo: a rite of passage “How much further until we reach the beach, … Continue reading

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Geocaching: the Salok Api Ride

Time to clean up the bikes and upload the data! We just returned from the geocache bike ride that I helped organize and lead with grade 5 and 6 students in Salok Api, located north of Balikpapan, Indonesia (on the … Continue reading

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